Blue Lotus

[Editor’s note] “Blue Lotus in full bloom would never die.”.Piece distant world, out of time and space forever.Wanton in my promise to you, beyond the cycle of life.”The moment you bow was found at the foot of the road”.Star looked up, he might have wanted to know how far from the dream, might have wanted to hide his face tired.It would allow their weak.And spend this life in full bloom.In you, me, or his heart.    Nothing can stop you yearning for freedom, unrestrained life, your heart no care.Through the dark years, I have felt anxious moment when you looked down, only to find the foot of the road.The hearts of the world that freedom, so clear and lofty, blooming never die, Blue Lotus.    Co-author of the lyrics the whole song’s rhythm Qiaoxia.Suddenly he found himself increasingly faster typing speed.Not a bad thing, can instantly be recorded when all mixed want a chance to forget.However, looking back text for a long time past, even strangers feel terrible.I really am not a fleeting and courage through their own people in the eye.What are you.    Some people can not stand the scrutiny of the secret.Remark really sharp.Had so.The so-called secret, but is not willing to say things bluntly exports.What can a person saddled with this heavy luggage how far it.Or always be inadvertently deliberately obscure hidden in between the lines and demeanor.We are great enough, can not abide people.Those secrets are also trivial and scratchy, consider the thousands of suddenly discovered that in fact do not hide.    I do not share, but did not encounter the right people.However, even though one of the best trustworthy person, when the secret exchange, weight, everything and did not return in situ, respectively.So simple.But we remembered exactly what enforcement.    Wanderer.Can not be grasped anyone’s shelter, love can only provide some warmth, but for our lonely hearts Jieao anyone’s care and greetings are far will not be forthcoming.Funny or pathetic.Dianpei life wandering from the outset doomed drama.    Five o’clock the.I have yet to sleep.So squandered all night Jianpanshangqiao hit part exposed in front of the crowd, there is a part of the computer, dark.    Love so elapsed between the parallel running and fleeting.Asked if he could write the passion of inspirational words, admittedly cool answer is, not.But it has a certain period of time is different from the gloomy decadence, not missing the target of confusion.We are no longer children, run into a wall at head held high, after stumbling feet, we learned to be humble in front of a low profile arrogant, elegant and familiar to eye head, understand the original practice does not require any declaration, hard work is more than any flashy text more real.People are more convinced.Gradually, do not write that kind of paper, nor look.They belong to an earlier Love.    Eternal Summer has really gone.Even in October this hot city still rampant mosquitoes.Youth has faded, the courage to admit that we already set foot on the vicissitudes of the long road.Despite its glorious color with the pain.    I feel relieved and smooth course in some lonely time.Fill the gap with a person belongs to freedom and lonely.However, I know a dead end road route at the foot of the scenic vista is what vision.Afraid of thorns.    Prosperous Seoul found that I had been holding that kind of sincere youth.    Dressed in coats of not being understood, or whether praise abuse on top added a lot of color confused, I do not mind the.As long as the road has not yet been sealed, I could strode across the other side of the heavy barrier arrival.That end is the other side of blooming sea of graceful, fragrance fragrance of blooming flowers are open, and there is a group of people I distribute the same odor.    Deep in a gloomy tone, slightly tragic character wiping edge so inspirational to express pride.    My heart also full bloom United States if Kate Blue Lotus.[Editor: easy to get along]