A brother who is a national sport?

As the national sport of table tennis in the country has high status, especially a brother and a sister is even more remarkable, then, who is the world’s truly a brother of it?    Look from the world rankings, Wang Hao, Malone, Ma Lin and Wang Liqin and were ranked the top four, in addition to Malone is a rising star, the other three are famous already for a long time veteran, and have achieved excellent results over It can be said that the three of them also have their own strengths but each is short, if the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup as a “Grand Slam” singles performance measure, the merits of the differences are as follows: Wang Hao: 2004 Athens Olympic Games runner-up, second runner-up in 2007 World championships, 2004 World Cup third place, 2005 World Cup runner-up, the World Cup runner-up in mid-2006, the 2007 World Cup, 2008 World Cup champion, world champion in mid-2009.    Marlene: 1999 45th World Table Tennis Championships runner-up in 2001, the 46th World Table Tennis Championships runner-up in 2007 World Table Tennis Championships men’s singles runner-up, men’s singles champion in 2000 World Cup, 2003 World Cup champion men’s singles, men’s singles World Cup 2004 champion, 2005 World Cup men’s singles runner-up, in mid-2006 World Cup men’s singles champion, the 2008 Beijing Olympic champion.    Wang Liqin: Olympic Games men’s singles runner-up in 2001, the 46th World Table Tennis Championships men’s singles champion, runner-up in 2001 World Cup men’s singles, men’s singles runner-up in 2003 World Cup, the 2005 48th World Table Tennis Championship, 2007 World Championships men’s singles champion, World Cup men’s singles runner-up in 2007, World championship runner-up in mid-2009.    Only three Grand Slam winner in today’s world, that is Jan-Ove Waldner, Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui, and was unanimously optimistic about the fourth place winner is expert Wang Hao, Wang Hao although the worst performance in three contest, but he has the age advantage and he broke out in 2007, not only to get rid of the second millennium of the hat, and won eight titles including the World Cup, and firmly occupy the throne of world number one.Marlene as a representative of Penhold, which play fast and aggressive, domestic club match there ‘was Marlene who in the world’, says that it won the World Cup four times not only made history, I am afraid will be no before or since the.However, Ma Lin in the World Championships twice and missed the championship is regrettable, but also doomed he is a tragic figure.Big Brother Wang Liqin debut early, technology is perfect, but the early years of fragile psychological make it lose a lot of opportunities for success, of course, won three World Championships titles Megatron same world, others want to go beyond his performance is also by no means easy to thing.But in 2007 the approximate wasted for him, known as the king of the Open crown he had a hard to find, and ranking slipped from a three truly become the most frustrated people, but it was rumored that he inadvertently Zhao Wei scandal, really let the fans feel confused.    Who will be the standard-bearer of Nanping, and the achievement of Albert Grand Slam it?It should be said three people are hopeful, as to who is history’s first four is difficult to predict.If the current state of the three terms, maybe Wang Hao is the most promising, but it is undeniable that Marlene’s strength must not be ignored, after all, master of ping-pong in the world are listed him as the most feared opponents.I think that the past glory somewhat secondary, the key is to look at the present and in the future, I believe, a brother Guoping men’s singles battle, in fact, two kings and two horses battle of.Whoever achievements will be consistent all-king, a brother will become the undisputed.Perhaps, Wang Hao, Ma Lin Yihuo!    Friends, do you think?[Editor: Can children]