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Haha, Men brother is wonderful, I thought, college life if there is no brother, was a lot less fun.  Brother lean, Bel bright eyes, not myopic, playing very physical basis Cheat Sheet.Year four is relying see Gezhuo Five answers to the past, to say this, it is really beef.Good bounce, standing long jump test of time, basically jump, can go out of.  Brother said he only took part in three college entrance exam to Teachers College, also say the very twists and turns, but fortunately, admitted.Even so, it ranked second child in the bedroom, there are more hard to force the boss, also a two-year review.  Brother is a veteran of smokers, I learned to smoke, that is, with his mix, and that’s a bit irresponsible Ha, but when I first entered the bedroom, he was in that smoke it, I start smoking, is pumping with him like, soft package osmanthus two five, and now this cigarette, did not have to sell.  Hanging branches, skipping, love, drinking, playing mahjong, the student union, renting out, required course of these universities, brother no one elective, which attempts have been tried.Look at other people’s youth, had called the sea of unrestrained enthusiasm sway.Did not do what fucking thing youth is pale, pale and I always regret the.  In fact, quite the charm of brother.Smile that both eyes are discharged, deep eye wrinkles but also adds a lot of charm, much like the actor Moses Chan, the boys in our class, the level of the guy considered.  He is a man recklessly, do not care about money.If there are one hundred of his pocket, the last one hundred, he will not like me, live frugally to do subtraction, save money, spend a few days.But I will willingly put the flowers, and find ways to borrow or go to earn, and this is his style.And he also had a habit, basically have to follow a few people think he wants to do thing in the ass, something he’s put where, and with whom he had money and goods exchanges, very bad memory, it is estimated there are people of great wisdom so be it.But he has a good point, is not stingy, always, he was everyone’s, like everyone is his, and what’s a good thing, certainly share.  Brother very good at summing up, say, that for a while, spend big, skipping more, he would lump in the bed against the old, half-lying down, both feet resting on the bed curtain, pillow with both hands to the back of the head, looking at the bed board, saying, Oh, ah, this continues to fall, and how worthy family, ah, well I learned what the studious, and can not quit down to business a little, ah, ah is not it, boss?Or, ah?Is not ah, the youngest?Anyway, whoever caught with whom to talk about, very deep, so I’m still the next day.Old lump had any brains, a brother of self-reflection that he felt the action was, was brother probation, could not sleep ah, can brother, always, to talk about to forget.  Brother writing is good, I always think so, but just typos too much, a lot of the time, he wrote the article, I have to guess twenty percent, winding paths essay writing is really good, and I get into with brother societies Department, has gradually have to withdraw, and nothing mixing head.  Brother love to make some noise, for example, that you’re calligraphy it, if he came back, certainly have to say that in, oh, ah well, to write me a few strokes, then grab the past, I wrote in that, does not take five minutes, they dropped do not write; or you are reading, be sure to say, look at Shane, I see, get past Kanji Yan, I do not read.Quite naughty people, ha ha.  The ultimate is to join in the fun and Language.I stay in the bedroom too, brother anxious Three Fires Four came back and said, walked, six, go horn foreign language, and that there are a lot of girl.Both of us went, but went to, and I was okay, but also made a while, little brother Emmanuel foreign language, basically rely on gestures.Chatter with great difficulty to a girl, yes, Department of Foreign Languages, folks.They gave me gradually became a translator, the translation mainly to the brother, and later, They aggregate together, gone, out the chatter, with the Chinese say, leaving me there, lonely boring, you really excessive!No way, ah, look spiritual brother who told it.  Speaking of generous brother, think of a thing.Junior year, he rented a house, a holiday home.My brother in law and Shu this or tutor, to live his rented house to live a winter vacation.Brother something, come back early, estimated to be ready to make-up, forget.Three of us scrape together drinking together, drink happy, we must kowtow sworn.Looking for a needle to puncture fingers, suck blood for the Union, many young, naive and more!Shu law painlessly, do not have to tie, the brother said, okay, you Xiabu Qu hand, I came to the bar, not at all hurt.Shu law ignorantly believe.Brother copy up that needle, clicking on the bar inside, precise action, steady start.Shu law pain ow, really Jiehen ah, ha ha.Blood in the wine, a special kind of enchanting, in fact, nothing to drink up the taste, it is the testimony of youth.  A head knock to the ground, is the brother.My youngest, maybe brother also have been taken good care of me.I did a rub cigarette brother, especially green Ambassador then five dollars, really good pumped his mother ah, brother never said what, I know it rub smoke.  Our bedroom with the boss’s words, after a small two ah, if rich, you have the oil flow, if poor, the poor will be able to die, I think this evaluation is in place.  He is still very long love.Long distance relationship continued after graduation also went along Jiangsu Jiangnan gentle land, made a language teacher.Teach student achievement is actually in the first group, I am very surprised, phone in the past: Brother, you have to write it typos, teaching students how ah, so good to teach?  The phone has always been laughter, went on to say, the grass, the students have to manage, I can not, they will not be okay?They will not just pick up, pick up a few times will.Also not to mention, brother teaching really is a trick.  Later, he changed schools, divorce, resign his post until the back northeast, down grain, open remedial classes, in love, in love, get married and have children.  I have been tossing.Have not put down that cigarette and that mouthful of wine, a little habit is not?One year he was out of a car accident, I went to see him and the girl in October.He told me to drink two crutches middle of the night, had a good talk.  I went to see him, he was very moved, drink together, I am also very impressed.  Later, we also drink in Changchun Five back, he went to work after the children have children of Jiangsu drink for a while, are, wrinkles grow deeper friendship.  Some people at first glance, not very good, but like good wine, the more products the more concentrated; some people like ice cream, begun to taste it, taste good, the more light the more products.Fortunately, my university these students are the type of wine, to accompany me through youth, with memories and impossible, and impossible to create a friendship.Although not much contact, but as long as reach for the glass, there is full, then to slow to speak.Emma, to die, my eyes seem to be kissed onions, to which it.