A bowl of rice and a study room

Two young people unhappy, and go and pay a visit to Master: Master, we are being bullied in the office, too painful, I beg you to open shows, we are not the quit his job?Ask two people together.  Master eyes closed, every half a day, spit out five words: but a bowl of rice.He is waved, young schematic step down.  Before returning to the company, a person who tendered his resignation, the home farm, the other did not move.  Days really fast, blink of an eye years later.Home to modern methods of farming operations, coupled with improved varieties, actually turned into agricultural experts.Another stay in the company, not bad.He Renzhao Qi, trying to learn, gradually being discouraged, he became manager.  One day two men met.  Strange, but the same Master gave us a bowl of rice these five words, I heard you got it.But a bowl of rice Well, what sad day?Why Pakistan hard in the company?So resignation, agricultural experts and asked another: Why did you heard the words of the master of it?  I heard ah, that manager laughed: Master said, ‘but a bowl of rice’, multi-bullied, and more involved, but I just want to mix a bowl of rice to eat, the boss said what is what, less angry, less care, it becomes Master did not mean it?  Two people went to visit them Master, Master is very old, still eyes closed, every half-day, answered five words, but between an idea and then waved it is not very interesting?A lot of things, really is an idea ah, so when deciding what to think more Oh choice of course is important, but more important is the choice of stick.No matter what you choose to do, you must stick to it, you always accomplished.