A bowl of hot soup

Father suddenly received a phone call over the phone a month ago, he said dubiously: Anliang your mother think of you there, and put a food vendor stalls, you do not fancy the?The family is nothing job, hold up fast enough miles anxious you are not free to look in, look empty, if not in his father’s phone is the reason.When the school winter break, back home in Henan countryside, the rural poor father comes to money earned, I casually said, we have a lot of people from the school gate put food stalls, business is good, down to earn several day which ten.Listening to parents was to the spirit, he said that in the old way, the day was also able to drop two thirty in stronger than at home ah.We do not lavish meals, but your mother will cook a hot soup, the students did not eat, Paul not allowed to eat miles, say, but we will not pit people!I say it is old suffer, put a share on the road, from dawn to dusk, eat and drink cold wind, there are so many cars coming and going.Parents hasten to say that What kind of bitter Yeah, your mother Anliang so many years have come ye!Then, they asked a lot of details.Finally agreed to strike over the Spring Festival at home and then spend some parents, if it did, then went to the job.At that time I did not put these words seriously.I read from his hometown university cities separated by thousands of miles, say, parents are more than fifty years of age, sick dad leg, also motion sickness, Mom was not any too far out the door, at home there is a big stall things, sister in elementary school Unexpectedly, the father or the phone call came.I really do not want them to, watching their parents suffer in their own eyes, heartless ah!Therefore, to hear his father’s words, I hesitate not know how to answer.Father’s voice on the other end sounded again: If you do not see at home is really, really is not a place where scratching money, and if not, I know my father really hard to live, and I wish him and the mother can take the opportunity to rest break Yeah, but, my sister and I are similar in their eyes astronomical tuition, where they join in ah!How bored they can live it!I eventually other end into the phone’s father, said: Why do not the ah, you come, careful on the road a few days later, the parents together to the city, then I do not know yet how effortlessly carrying the bag touched our lonely University.Father called me at the gate, your mother and I say to.I dumped the phone, go crazy dashed toward the door, stood awkwardly at first glance to the door of them, that tired look, the familiar wrinkles, thinking they are such a great age for the children, but also come all the way to the city seeking a man living two students, my tears can not help but fall a Pilipala.Father nervously rubbed his two big hands full of calluses, kept saying, cry Han miles, cry Han miles.For a long time, I stopped the tears, one hand on the ground Dianqi old canvas bag in one hand and Chanzhu mother’s arm and said, Mom, Dad, go, first I dormitory and rest your feet!Dad quickly step across hold down the package says, is that I discuss with your mother, the first stall quiet live, and then you look at the house, your mother has long wanted to see what place you live kind of!I know they are afraid to go to the first line of this pair of shame for me, and my heart sour, but they barely know of no use.He said, then let’s go, I told you to go to a room rented house near it!Mom and dad will not let me go, too much of my class.I talk to them to explain the following classes is not so important, review after review on the line.They still do not listen, very stubborn way, in any case want me to go back.I have no choice but to go.Mom suddenly shouted to me, untie canvas bag next to a large bag and pulled out something from inside into my hands.Dad said in the next, your mother know that you love to eat popcorn playing small.Mom looked at me, kind face with Han Han smile.Up my nose and sour.Night father called me and said are settling in.I drive past, it was near the school a low cottage, there is only a bed, a lamp, Tide wet.Parents have been very satisfied, says it all, these are the.The next day, the parents of the snack spread sheets.A plastic sheeting ride shed, a simple stove, and mixed with other food stalls.Shed doorway stood a rectangular piece of wood, above the crooked hand side that says Henan, handmade, large benefits, the words fair price.From the outset, parents do not want me to help, said the two of them handle it.I do not want to be all right during the day, more books critical.Eat a meal in school, after school at night over then told your mom do something.The first day I could not help but go, secretly hiding in the side of parents looking food stalls.In order to meet the first day of opening, parents are surrounded on the white apron, with sleeves, respectfully standing in the doorway of the shed, his face filled with laughing hard.Once a student approached, they quickly leaned over, leaning forward slightly, what little testimony was talking to the student.Some students just went inside, did not really go in, greeting parents also pay any attention, just a glance away.Leaving the parents out there, still leaning the body, face piled ingratiating smile, just a touch of disappointment has unwittingly float.Subsequently, etc..Students really came, parents flattered a look, and quickly let them in, pick up a piece of cloth to wipe the table stool and scrub to the son as big as their God.Then, the mother went to the fire, rolling surface, with a cautious smile dad standing next to that customer, and asked what to put seasoning, do not put what I look at all of this, again nose sour, really want to find a place big cry.I’m always late at night when it is their parents to patronize food stalls.Finally, parents always left me a bowl of noodles.I sat at the table, my parents quietly busy at the stove side.Dad add water, vegetables, vegetable, mother group was removed from the bowl and a good surface on the board, a rolling pin to pick up a large roll to and fro, the well surface, a steaming bowl placed in front of me, next to mom looked at me kindly eat; dad still squatting on the side as I did as a child, but his throat hurt, can no longer smoke.Bowl of noodles to eat here every night, is my greatest enjoyment.I even forgot to parents hard during the day, I really hope this day can continue forever.One night, I found my father always secretive not face to face with me, mom seemed a bit uneasy look.I was very surprised, to pay special attention to his father and found him swollen cheek while aloft, he quickly asked Editor’s Note.Father hesitated to say nothing, do nothing.Mother next to a little sob.I ask, mom is left temporary stalls that little young to play.He said we stall delayed his business, we called the roll, your dad smiled and told him a few theories, he suddenly punched it over my head hum to look hot, and thought nothing, a Dianqi stool washed out.Mom quickly thrown around me, dad Jinjinzuanzhu my arm, wins the stool down.I said nothing, he kept struggling, mother started to cry, saying we unfamiliar, eat a small loss eat a small loss of it, can not dare to stir up trouble, you can not dare to delay.My heart is confused mess mom crying, I wanted to shout toward heaven: God, you are so unfair!Why my parents so much older had earned out of these hard-earned money, why have bullied?why?why?Parents finally leave, the school and the district government where the surrounding environment governance, requiring all stalls must be withdrawn immediately, or confiscated, but also fine.Parents of food stalls there is less than a month to disappear, and accompany parents eat hot soup in the dim light of history will be gone.Happiness is always short too cruel.This is the last night.Finally, a bowl of hot soup since Mom still silently Ganmian article, do these days for her son as well as her last customer.I sit on the stool, and asked Dad, can not go here, go back and do it?Dad was silent for a long time, a low voice said, you do not worry for the home, the road is traveled, I would not really put people suffocated it!He endured all with patience.I no longer silent, turned away.Under the dim light, the pot of water toot braved mist in the air and wind around through the misty fog, I saw the familiar figure mom shaking before chopping board, thin shoulder of a Shrug.Surface well, or a full bowl, steaming, sprinkle some white middle green green onion, parsley surface before, the mother is still as before, looked at me kindly to eat, dad exception deliberately moved stools over, a family of three tightly endure.Ma said a lot that night, then asked me to pay attention to the body, I am willing to spend money to.I heard what went in, and nothing seems to listen, only buried her face in steaming hot inside, any tears wanton cross-flow in the cheeks.A few days later, the father wrote that they got home, everything is fine, do not worry.Mom told me that this time out also met with major aspects of society, and not a loss, but in the end did not go where I live to see, always a pity.