All kinds of dishes at home so beautiful, what I would like to garden?

All kinds of dishes at home so beautiful, what I would like to garden?▲ blue dot above the word free subscription to the  Best micro magazine In recent years, the prices of various vegetables seem to have shown a rising trend, the way friends show off their wealth circle, the sun is not cash, but the sun garlic, garlic you can really ah.The vegetable market is not to say expensive, but also always concerned about security, then why not do it yourself?  Change on the garden path lined garden of fruit trees, spring flowers garden, fruit of autumn.  This is the gateway to the world of a fairy tale right path?  Reading tired hand pick a fruit, sweet and sour.  Small farm house in rural life, and I take care of them grow, it provided me with the most nutrient-rich.  Like any vessel can be planted Do not miss okay?Including eliminated out..Toilet!  The most common hard bags, do not throw away, do a removable vegetables, seems quite good.  Art is really a full range of children’s owner, planting fruits and vegetables are particular about color matching, structured.  This is a baked potato?No, this is the kind of potatoes.  There is such a suspension, fruit fragrance, now pick now to eat, absolutely delicious.  It is also a good place to cool!  Such a reading terrace and tea garden terrace become more fit oh!  Old in with some vigor, full range of children’s literature vegetables.  When you see mom pick vegetables from the closet, it is what it feels like?Wardrobe seek psychological shadow area, but really nice.  Species outside the window is also good, a small partner in the downstairs calling you, the way to pick some fruit, share.  Tian Tian later in life so exciting, Youran ran over it.  These lush little green shoot more than lovable, planting method is simple, low environmental requirements, super for office workers oh.  Water them every day to see if they grow up, wait for the harvest, tiny sprouts, to add life to a new idea, but also to bring a healthy body.  People do not even garden improvise Why should we improvise live?!  Everything silent as mystery.Source: Yangtze River Delta Micro Signal: jnshuixiang pictures and material source network, whose rights belong to the author Editor: Rain in the end – East.Life.Best micro-magazine.  - students, such as mustard Sumeru have hidden heart like dust Daqian – one of China’s most valuable ▼ and influential media organizations share the daily life aesthetics most valuable traditional culture and life aesthetics fresh information