After Chang Chang is no longer

But also school season in September, a rough calculation Chang has left the city for several years.Chang’s departure seems because, in my mind implanted a mark on the town.    The opening scene is still so familiar, I stroll deliberately to look at this school alma mater Chang excitement.Or that is to make it fun to see me, because this is their lively, and my business.I have a ticket for standing room only audience, I’ll watch them school, military training..Maybe then watching them leave.As the year helped Changan sign up, and then began her college, and finally looked at her leave until this is no longer the city of Chang’an.    Walking in the bustling crowd, watching back one after another until gone fuzzy.I probably wanted to pursue it Changan back!However, this pursuit itself is futile and only exists in the search process, the purpose of it as when, in fact, it has gone.In the so-called end, is not see anything, because then no longer Chang’an Chang’an.    Sometimes understand this youth years, deep thoughts to maintain the link with their own memories.Wear it attached to the past and all the sorrows and joys.I also with the vast depth lives for the better.Many years later I would have people talking about the year I was 18, and the fate of the young bear or.But I always relished the deep bear its heavy weight to balance frivolous life.    Chang is not always the excitement of the crowd, but no longer the season, no longer as before, just like the last episode of that cheap happiness, still often talks about, deep left in the bottom of my heart to irrigate the entire youth open country.    Perhaps the youth is vulnerable, can not disguise the strong, tough look no match for the human heart warm greetings.But this statement has never rang, so I’ve been with before my unruly rebel lines.Such forward does not make much sense, but also a collection of scenery.    Feizixiao 2017