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Recommended for you Essay: beautiful prose | sentimental prose | Selected Essays | exquisite prose | emotional prose green treasure life, cherish green environment for the green into our lives.Composition network Xiaobian carefully prepared “on the Green lyrical prose,” we want to help, if you want to learn more about essay writing skills Stay tuned section we study abroad Network.Lyrical prose about green [A]: I love green green like a butterfly fascination as flower, love it.  Very young, I and grandmother live in the mountains, mountain people like it, I love every inch of the land there, hate to leave there every ray flowers.In the small mountain village surrounded by mountains, each piece of green are my good friends, they accompanied me through the first seven years of my life.I like, went to the bamboo forest, leaning against it, listen to it sing in the rustle of the song; or lying on a soft grass, let it set aside mess my dress; or find a Bixi, a sip of cool spring water.I love the feeling of this is surrounded by green, intimate, relaxed, comfortable.At the time I live like a fish against the green, only green world I can swim naturally cheerful.However, when I was stripped shell tender time, I had to leave.  Out of the mountains is the biggest wish of every parent in rural areas, and I would ride with them carrying the wishes of the paper cranes, with her dismay, flew farther and farther.I looked at my friends, they like to retain, like to see them off, like wishes, gently shaking his head vigorously shaking the branches, rustling played the song I am most familiar.In these circumstances, how can one not be moved?  Green is the way they are simple, honest, kind-hearted.In contrast with those, what we know as friend.He left his home has more than ten years, I went alone to a strange place one after another, always able to see their familiar shadow.But since high school, vacation pitiful, long time no see them.Occasionally, a few days off, but run into the rain, it can only give up.But if they have not seen for a few months, I can not do that, even though it was raining, I would go to the nearest place to walk home, a spit pain and joy in my heart.They always listened quietly, if the wind, they respond to me once or twice, this time, I will quietly listen, listen, then revel in the memory of the long-in color.  Life is never a lack of green, even if it is a little grass, man can pay a lifetime of companionship.They are not playfully flowers, people do not need to think hard to please.A little care, sufficient.  I believe that no one would mean a love green heart.Lyrical prose about green [two]: Yanshan Green Twenty years ago, I plunged headlong into a tree farm Yanshan hinterland, and wandering around in the green sea, the passage of time, Chunhuaqiuyue, was dyed the entire youth are deep green.This green light flashing, glowing heat, sweat and condensation of forestry policy change, the idea of what I call this green called “Yanshan Green”.  Yanshan eight hundred mighty green waves like a fly with long sleeves thrown into the sea from the capital.The sea is warm and humid warmth toward the capital include worship, or the capital of the hustle and bustle of getting into the high blue days.If this is the blue green sea blue days and skillfully blend, gods, seamless.So me and my colleagues, that is, movers and painters of nature, we have blue sky gift, Saibei transported to the mountains, dressed as a red-letter “Yanshan Green”.  We were marching dim light of the stars to see the footprints in the forest, timber theft and leaving clues will make us wake up to a ranger textbooks.This textbook is no outline, no cover, enrich the content and victories is enough to make the whole book of the ancient.We have braved moonlight walk through the village households, farms, mobilize the masses to fight a fire prevention campaign of the people.The battle is not high-pitched excitement of Qingzhan Declaration, not vigorous at the end, there will be no more smoke and fight, hehe exploits and names go down in history, calm enough to fill a green blanket of forest people gossip.  Not only in the mountains, will never smell the green taste; not into the forest, never know how green sentiment.Because that green is the “Yanshan Green”!Lyrical prose about green [three]: walking in the mountains as long as you come Liu port, you will be attracted by the mountains here; as long as you come Liu port, you will be impressed by the customs of the people here ; as long as you come Liu port, you will be enchanted by the mysterious here.Walking in the mountains, enjoy the wonderful here.  Liu Town in the south of Jinan City, the mountain is a mountain of Taishan Mountains, became ang unique landscape.Here’s distinctive mountain: Huang Chao continuation of the steep mountain Taishan, tall, stone curtain gorge mountain clouds, the highest elevation, different types, there are Qingshishan, different types of sand and gravel mountain.One soil raising party people, hard-working and simple ang people living in the embrace of mountains, creating a mountain of temperament.  Today, the mountain is no longer synonymous with barren mountains like a splash-ink oil painting of mosaic in the south of the Springs.Famous Trees historical heritage of the mountains, nine pine, cypress tobacco, tea Bo, Tang Huai, Liu witnessed the development and changes of port.The arrival of spring, with warming temperatures, mountain reawakened, the grass also secretly drilled out from the earth, the mountains gradually green up.All kinds of flowers opening sequence, yellow winter jasmine, pink peach, white hawthorn blossom, there are many unknown flowers bloom, came waves of fragrance.Industrious bees flew in flowers busy; early bird bright open throat, showing off their voice.Summer is the most dense green mountains season, dense forests, lush, fresh air after the rain, with the aroma of the earth, refreshing, fun people gathered into the mountains to enjoy the pleasures.Autumn is the harvest season, with fruit, apple, walnut, chestnut, persimmon, hawthorn covered with branches, deep in the mountains came the cheerful voice of joy and harvest, boys and girls also gain a love.Winter mountain will be an entirely different story, though when nothing but pine still standing, flying snow to the mountains covered with a layer of snow, decorated with this beautiful land.Different scenery of the four seasons, the fun is endless.  If the mountains are majestic, giving the power, then the water is gentle, giving the joy of beauty.The water here is more clean, quiet, soft, brought fame to this soil and Reiki.Tuquan, mud, silt and other six springs in Jinan springs column 72 at the spring, spring curtain, gun springs and other springs hundreds of well-known, there are many unknown springs, clear spring water accompanied by beautiful folk tales flowing up For thousands of years, such as the magnificent “Milky Way” of Huang Chao waterfall, like a mirror of the reservoir, such as jade-like Jinyang river river, nourish people here.  Qing Emperor Kangxi, “the South’s history”, said: Jinyang River, vast extension of more than sixty years, or in Yunlin King show, or the landscape was odd, the heavens opened Paint.”Wise men Leshan, benevolent happy water” because it mountains, where there will be a “green lung”, the “green pearl” in the world.Blue sky and the famous scenic spots Liu Guanghui ports constitute a beautiful picture, attracted a lot of developers, attracted many visitors.Liu port town has become the Jinan back garden, is the city’s first choice for suburban travel.  Its history dates back ang Spring and Autumn Period Inhabited.There are records can test that has the name of Liu Po Ming Dynasty, Liu port shop.Liu’s living in this morning to open the store for the industry named.Port Street, commonly known as Liu, Liu Chuang port.Later, because of an increase in the household, then formed into a distribution center for commerce.Along later called Liu port.Here is the birthplace of the ancient civilization, unearthed bronze can attest, the existing historical monuments can testify, Qi Great Wall ruins, the Four Gates Pagoda, nine tower recorded the history of Liu port, tells of the ancient civilization of Liu port. Today, discerning investors phase of this “poised”, has built six major scenic spots, have “the first Chinese pagoda” Four Gates Pagoda, “Jiangbei first bamboo” bamboo springs of the Four Gates Pagoda Scenic Area , is a set of eco-tourism and cultural tourism as one of the summer resort; Paomaling Safari World is currently the largest, highest and most concentrated game, the most beautiful natural environment forest wild animal World; nine ethnic customs Park tower is set folk customs, historical sites, amusement adventure, leisure as one of the national large-scale ecological and cultural attractions, financial nature, culture, art as a whole, so you can enjoy a new vacation concept; curtain scenic gorge with famous springs, rocks, secluded gorge, legend is known, “Good luck bell Shenxiu”, is a masterpiece of the world, is a set of eco-tourism, cultural appreciation, adventure secluded spot as one of the major attractions; green mountains in the world is the province’s youth quality education base; Live oak Bay National Scenic Area to folk tourism and natural beauty as one of the six major scenic spots to build ang “ecological day tour” big pattern to Liu port tourism people are doing it every year, Ecotourism has become a sunrise industry Liu port development.  Ancient culture and modern civilization intertwined, forming a unique folk customs Liu port.About Four Gates Pagoda, Huang Chao uprising folklore has a long history, Tianqi Temple temple, May 13 ceremonies to worship heaven and other civic activities still exist, blacksmiths, masons, and other old folk paper-cut artists personally still pass their own skills, dragon , playing folk and other folk activities also play an evocative, pancakes, tofu and other mouth-watering cuisines, wife feast, birthday feast, feast longevity practices such as still affects generations of people.Among the most famous feast wife, if you are fortunate enough to attend the wedding here, will make you a good appetite, the four dry four fresh four sauce, mix four, four pieces of 37 dishes, spicy and sour, refreshing do not enjoyably cool, plus toast etiquette when, in style.  See also look at the scenery here is not enough, here are delicious to eat eat endless, here’s the story speak speech about them and enjoy the culture here is also not enough reward.Cecil love with the mountains towering plume of Liu port, along with thousands of thoughts flowing water port and Liu.Lyrical prose about green [four]: Green Life