80% perfect day

80% perfect day for some time, often waking up in the middle of the night into a sense of panic in the future.Opponents head for three years of work exceedingly tired, but can not easily quit, afraid the next job will be more disappointments, upsets the kind of life lurking in the heart of sorrow will soon lost their footing.Feelings of fatigue has entered an unprecedented period, the two together for three years, but had refused to take the initiative to propose marriage thing.It feels like a left hand pull the right hand, no passion past, life becomes dull and boring.Lying in bed at night, I think of the growing aging parents face, and my heart is anxious like ants on a hot pan.Fear in their lifetime he has not yet become good enough, fear that they do not have enough capacity to fulfill their filial duties.I kept thinking, my heart is overcast with heavy clouds.All of a sudden my life was a mess, this bad mood also affects the side closest to the people.Girlfriends talking endlessly false travel and let yourself relax for some time.I finally take vacation but not to travel, but to the city where the old school orange Hefei.After graduating from college, we are also not seen for many years.Every mention of her, always think of her trademark smile illuminating as heavenly peach-like.It feels really inspiring warmth.In fact, this is always optimistic, cheerful girl, her life with us than it has too many hardships.Childhood, his mother died of illness, her father worked so hard bringing up.The first day of school of the University, she took 200 dollars to report.Tuition loans, the cost of living can only rely on their own to maintain a tutor.Later, a long time, part-time, had to have some balance, she would regularly send home to his brother still in high school.When she told me about them, I have been face with a smile, as if talking about someone else’s story.She said she had enjoyed the status of this life now, because at least that God has not deprived the opportunity to read her university future anything is possible.After graduation, she stayed in Hefei, accounting start small, get down to a little bit of effort, I heard that soon pay off loans.A glance at the station to meet the train of her, or that nice smile, people are able to melt away, and her whole person looks more refined and capable.Back to her rental, a little less than 30 square meters is home to pack her just right, people get warm nostalgia.Late when she came home from work to see her boyfriend, but gentle humor, the most important thing is where every move is full of love for her.In the evening we talked a lot, talking about each other’s lives, but also when it comes to my present trouble and sorrow.She said she was more likely to be content about it, 80% of the day to have a happy, feel very happy.You see, although he and I can not afford a house, but our hearts are twisted together, buy a house only a matter of.My father’s body is now also good, brother admitted to the university, those bitter tasted like sweet now become a.She also said that in fact, people really can not be too greedy, happy one hundred percent will only appear in the TV series.For us ordinary people, but also rewarding day long, the future is bright.I like some selfish, because they are not happy she went there to find comfort.In fact, I know that, deep down I do not want her to find from those experienced in the balance, I just treat this like her life forever optimistic, cheerful attitude.She was right, in fact, we only have 80% of the perfect day is very good.Yi Shu said: My ideal life is that every day you can whenever he woke up, what not to do and live what responsibility, with people I love, and love me, sitting together talking, laughing watching the sunset.Such seemingly simple life, but sometimes too much because we want the heart, and deprived of their rights to enjoy.So better from this moment of reconciliation with his heart, to be a happy person, have a good 80% of the current perfect day.