(Shanghai, China Station) CBKC2017年冠军赛

(Shanghai, China Station) CBKC2017年冠军赛 CBKC2017年冠军杯地方巡回赛 (Shanghai, China Station) event registration process, please verify with good pedigree dogs before enrollment to refine and complete the real-name certification official website members; please all applicants successful contestants arrived at the scene and consciously Go to the official grouping area, a sign with the group; for the smooth progress of the game, CBKC official club and tournament entry requirements to make the following explanation: * Please read the following rules * the Champions League place Tour around the official event organized one day event.The show is divided into exhibition tournament: part two T-Taiwan show dogs and dogs domestic professional competition.Means all dogs domestic dog race in the region who produced domestically, are grouped basis having age, size; and make the top three in each category rankings.?Taiwan dogs show no particular limitation for dogs, regardless of the introduction and breeding of domestic dogs, and dogs in other regions outside of this region may participate, need to apply for exhibition show the serial number in advance, by serial number, the stage show; all entries who participated with the wishes of the individual reporting events; All participating dogs must have a pedigree dogs purebred CBKC (the need for the sensor to scan the scene grouping and verified).The age groups participating dogs with pedigree prevail; packet size is determined by the spot foreign professionals referee.The tournament competition system provided by the official foreign club, and with the official coordinating the implementation CBKC.In order to successfully carry out the events of the day we do not accept on-site registration of dogs participating handle work.Participate in professional competition registration fee is: 300 yuan / only participate?Taiwan dog show registration fee is: 100 yuan / only; after application submission can scan code payment; also contact CBKC Staff Advisory Payment.* (Financial<小月> 18311388530 micro letter of the same number) the tournament registration fees on an individual basis, the maximum limit of 1,000 yuan (example: three dog registration fee of 900 yuan, more than four dogs and four received 1000 yuan only) (* Those who reach the limit by Do online payment and promptly contact the staff *).The tournament entry fee for all other breeds of dogs in addition to bullies, are half the original price of $ 300 be charged.All applicants successful professional competition entry dogs have the right to participate in free?Taiwan dog show.The beginning and ending dates for the event Registration: December 12, 2016 – January 1, 2017.Local events are selected the winner of each group of dogs (male / female each one), the official will issue the final CBKC Meng pet pop culture festival headquarters exhibition of pass-through certificates Championship.Details are subject to sudden changes in competition system, CBKC official will be the first time an explanation and announcements, please close attention.The following is?Taiwan show dogs and domestic dogs both professional game some of the specific arrangements for the process: T stage show dog section details are as follows :() (* registration fee is 100 yuan / dogs, such as race who do not pay) all within the scope of this Division dogs or other regions, must hold CBKC in the case of registered purebred pedigree, may participate in the activities of the Division station?Taiwan show to show (containing a rare color British cattle, France and cattle, US beef, bully, whether imported or domestic breeding can participate).A) The main part of this interactive show dog and owner based, for example: dog fashion show, dog show equipment, interactive show dogs, show dogs and muscle, tattoos and dog shows and other.b) All dogs participating in exhibition show, to be the scene after receiving staging area in a packet sequence number, serial number according to the unified arrangement serves the activities of.c) two dogs in each group play, no matter what form cooperation with the owner of the stage catwalk.(30 seconds duration).d) each show show dogs, in need?Front-end at a given point, shot put pictures (10 seconds duration).E) All dogs runway end, can not be allowed to step down, the need to return to the stage after pictures in the end, and so the rest of the dogs runway is completed, the group posed for pictures before stepping down to rest.(Per group is limited to 5 show dog show, a total number of 10 dogs.) 🙁 part of the professional game rules and instructions below) (* registration fee is 300 yuan / dogs, please read the preferential upper limit previously) All dogs participating in the regular game, which must be within the scope of this division registered CBKC domestic breeding dogs.At the same time Division within the range: British cattle, France and cattle, US beef, bully dog (including rare color dog) is qualified to participate.A) All participating dogs must apply through the regular channels CBKC official website declared that the event does not accept on-site registration.b) the successful registration of all dogs need to go to the scene after the official grouping area, on-site packet size.After C) start of the race, according to the order of the regular game the following categories: All first game further than dogs than bitches; all matches with small to large age groups to compete; (by age as follows) 3–6 months group (day full 3 months, less than 6 months of age) in this age group, regardless of size are all dogs 6-12 months group standards bodies (the day of the full 6 months of age, less than 12 months) 12-year-old group (full day 1 year of age, less than 2 years old) dog in this age, according to shoulder high standards: criteria for the classification body, body bag, XL body and extreme body 2–3-year-old group (over age 2 years old that day, less than 3 years old age) over 3 years of age group (aged 3 day age and older) to compete in all competitions packet size according to the following order; the fourth group of extreme body of the third set of the second set of pocket XL body body body first set of criteria fifth group of foreign Bullyd) were all competition in the above order, and selection in all good dogs in each size category in a champion dogs (1 male / 1 female), while issuing CBKC 4 Yuefen headquarters championship final show-through certificates.CBKC admit competition breeds and groups: 1) French Bulldog (actual age group) 2) English Bulldog (grouped by the actual age) 3) American Bulldog (grouped by the actual age) 4) American Bully Dog (in accordance with the actual age grouping and size) over a packet by foreign professional a judge in accordance with the implementation of consultation with CBKC competition system, please players with the work required, if in doubt, please consult with staff to resolve CBKC.Prohibit entry of dogs: ★ man-made changes coat, wool dog; ★ for cosmetic surgery and reproductive ability of dogs; ★ offensive attack people or other dogs phenomena dogs; ★ unfinished basic vaccination of dogs; ★ sick dogs; ★ disability and deformity dog dogs; ★ single testis, cryptorchidism and testicular atrophy in dogs; ★ bitch in heat and lactating bitches; ★ does not hold official “pedigree dogs purebred” dogs; Letter : Once: 1.Fake dog competition finalists competition; 2.False participating dogs of age; 3.An error message and false information; 4.It does not belong to the tournament venue, effective competition within the region of participating dogs.Namely: cancel the qualifying.(Entry fees will not return) event organizers have the right to: cancel unfinished qualified members participating dogs of all race results are reported; the information in question to cancel the competition entry dogs all grades; pause competition dog dog owners (members) three or six months all races qualifying campaign; cancel entry qualifications breeding dogs for life