Hometown Dreaming ( 6 ) )

One year, no one planted a dry land in Murakami, and our parents planned to contract it. We strongly objected: ” Others are too bad to plant it. Isn’t that a waste of effort?”? But parents are stubborn: ” If you cultivate, you will reap. Besides, it is convenient for you to go out a few steps and suffer. How much income can you possibly earn?”. ‘ eventually did not persuade to live, parents went to plant. It happened that there was much rain in that year and wheat was growing so fast that people stood up almost as high as wheat when they pulled out the fields. After pulling for several days, they pulled more than a dozen cars, causing Murakami people to marvel and envy.. It seems that God still cares for those who can bear hardships, or parents do the right thing, leaving hope to the future, sowing seeds first, and then considering harvest..   When I was in junior high school, I got up at 6 o’clock in winter to go to school. Originally there was hot water in the thermos, but mother said it was installed the night before and it was not hot now. So she got up early before I got up, burned boiling water and prepared steamed bread. We ate and walked on the road with a bitter wind, but our hearts were always warm.   In the morning of 28 hours in bed, my mother prepared a meal, but I still crawled under the bed. I couldn’t help it. My mother had to smile and bring face washing water on the edge of the kang. We crawled and washed our faces. My mother scooped up rice again and let us crawl on the edge of the kang to eat.. That kind of laziness is actually enjoying real happiness.   Before the electricity was turned on, I had to study under the dim kerosene lamp every night.. Kerosene was in short supply at that time and it was not easy to buy, let alone we were poor. Parents are determined to provide us with reading, but when they learn more than 10pm, they are always helpless to say, ” sleep while the water is flowing.”! I had to sleep. Sometimes, in order to hit kerosene, I have to go to the salesperson of the supply and marketing cooperatives to ” make a speech.”. Father is a man who can often go in and talk.   In order to spend the winter, because of lack of money to pull up coal, parents are always preparing for the winter as early as possible. When the flood broke out, they went to the side of the reservoir to catch the firewood washed down by the flood, pulled it into cars and piled it into hills so that they could sleep on a hot kang in winter.. In autumn, the withered leaves will also be swept away, and they can also be used to add kang. To collect firewood on the mountain, the firewood tree on the mountain is very small and can only pick up one basket of bamboo sticks every day. But over time, more has been accumulated. In this way, the fire often flies on the stove in winter, and in such a long winter, our poor days are still warm..