Fragments of thought

1.. A country is liberated because of a woman’s war, a woman achieves a man’s greatness because of a piece of love, a man changes his life because of a woman, and a love lasts forever because of a woman’s death.. Then a country full of legends, a beautiful dream-like woman, a man of lofty stature and indomitable spirit, and an everlasting love full of magnificent colors. Returning to reality is a history, a romantic legend that makes people solemn and sad, and gives this world countless suspense and worship..     2.. The reason why participating in the regulations on the elderly and the sea is a masterpiece may be the limit of the vitality that its human nature can release when life is in danger, a tenacious spiritual force that competes with nature and powerful objects, like a halo that envelops life and enables human instinct to overcome everything in extreme and harsh circumstances.. Life is still life, but it has different spirituality. The soul penetrates death and comes with a kind of sadness and sadness of life.     3. . A group of tree species, with complicated weather and lush green trees, are always plundering and killing in sunny places with vitality in the same direction – the sky, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. This is a beautiful and puffed-up natural survival rule.. It is also always where Lin Yue is found that there is a shade of green and shade, which is a parasitic and inert survival rule.. In the human world, however, there are always many rugged natures crowding toward the dark damp places, holding the root of life by the nature of moss and grass.. Never has a human life been as justified as a tree yearning for sunshine.     4.. Through the fog gauze of the night, the soul’s instructions came from far away places, then the transformation from waking to sleeping and then to waking nature was completed with one eye closed in the night, and the transformation was completed quietly between some small gaps in time and space.. If you miss it, you will miss it all your life. At that time, there will still be souls in your sleep still lingering in endless dreams with their eyes closed..     5. . While wandering in the wind and cloud, watching the haze fade to charming eyes, the wind pulled through the window, while the moonlight passed through the mottled shadow. The infatuation of looking at the center of the earth was the evolution of the love of Hongmeng ancient times, silent and silent, and always rippled the filar silk ripples caused by the moon on the earth.. In fact, I really want to read it with all my life time. The love song that passed away is the oldest legend in the moonlight with thousands of years of dreams..     6. . Legend is the only one since ancient times. The heroic life momentum, the ambition to penetrate time and space and coexist with the sky, can never be remembered except by looking up at the longing for love, such as the indignation of the Jing Wei reclamation, goddess of the moon’s Qing Gu, Nuwa’s compassion for creating human beings, and Yu Gong’s belief in moving mountains..     7.. The extracurricular reading materials in the primary school classroom are always full of endless magnificent colors. The text was virtually condensed, the spirit totem was infinitely enlarged, and the great project of spiritual transformation was completed in a quarter of an hour.. All the dreamy ripples covered in life are the miracle of vitality created at that time. Starting from the self’s mind, they reach the self’s desire, a casual and meaningless search for life is a monument under the tree of life at the moment of awakening..     8.. Life is a small bean sprouts, in the warm sleep dream, the soul is stretched and the tendons are stretched.. Grow curved like a bundle of delicate worries, green and yellow, full of fresh and mellow fragrance, brewing the youth of a grain of beans. Night wind wafted by, with low and thin pleadings, like sorrow with heavy pain and happiness.     9.. Tang poetry and song lyrics, melancholy amorous feelings. Singing softly in the wind of the season, some wandering, some grief, some hesitation, some Yu Bo, some touching, some romantic, some Qing Gu swaying in the ancient days with the morning dew and night light.. Long time ago, an Iraqi was walking in the moonlight. The amorous feelings and gestures were in accordance with his long-awaited love..     10. In spring, wait in front of a flower and look forward to the presence of a bee. Dancing buzz is heard in the ears, accompanied by singing and dancing. In the morning, it comes with the dew of the wind, and in the evening, it comes with golden clouds.. In a flower core, dance a love song for me, sing a love song for me and carve an eternity for me. Amazing eyes light, from now on, I love a bee dancing on a flower.     11. Still like the night, only tube in the endless night, the body of life is just sleeping, but the wings of the soul fly in the sky of the night. A dream shadow is connected with a petal of flowers, a bundle of tiny flowers touching up a heart, a shimmering wave yi, pieces of dancing elves, patrolling the width and width of the night, there are countless mercury seeds transpiration from the dome, gurgling joyfully from the heart lake..     12.. There is a vast sea in the brain, with a large biological group of pounds, surging in the most inopportune times, like silver chains flashing bright and beautiful dazzling light, locking up the magnetic field of life and colliding with the sky and the earth again and again.. When the moonlight came, when it left, the tide of spurt covered with gorgeous embroidered skirts. When the sun shines, the calm pool lake always looks for the old kisses in the deep dreams of the clouds.     2012 .2 .21