Despise: became my teacher

[ Original Text ]I want power from contempt and wisdom from contempt. Think of contempt as a reflection of your teacher and work hard and forge ahead towards the next goal! As the old saying goes, there is no end to learning. There is no end to it. I will follow this road bravely!   Put the word contempt together with the teacher. It seems that this is not the same as the wind, the horse and the cow.. Then someone may ask: Ming Ran, you’re full? Is the nerve abnormal? I will answer him, no. My mind is very normal. If you want to find out what I mean today, please read it patiently..     I can say that I value contempt for these two words. Speaking of which, friends may not believe it. My life experience along the way tells me that the two words ” despise” have made me, so I call them teachers.. Yes, the real teacher in my life!     In my childhood, because of my grandfather’s lack of contacts in my family, I was always bullied by people in my family, and was looked down upon and despised by others.. Therefore, my mother always instructed me not to cause trouble outside so as to avoid unnecessary idleness. But I was born a miserable wretch, determined to be competitive and competitive. When the family brothers and brothers in the big room get together to play, they will bully me often. I will do my best to endure, suffer their supercilious look and let them bully me.. Then, I will leave silently. However, I secretly made up my mind not to lower my head to them.     I will often guard against those who used to bully me when they were in the public on the way to school, and block him from the willow mountain outside the village to give him a good beating when he is left alone, so as to express this resentment in my heart.. Always make their adults take their children to our house to complain, noisy harm my mother bowing and bowing to others with care. After that, it was natural to impose family laws on me. I refuse to accept it and stubbornly contradict my mother, saying that since our family is small, why should we be bullied? If they join hands to bully me, I will punish them one by one. This is the simplest and only way to maintain my dignity in my childhood and childhood.     Later, I worked and married, and I thought of my responsibilities and obligations. When I was to be promoted to a leadership position for the first time, I did not betray my principles because of my work. I am afraid I will be despised and looked down upon by others for personal gain. I have not betrayed my conscience by harming the collective interest. On that occasion, I took the workers to lead the house and forced the embezzled collective property back. It was because of this that I was despised and frustrated by leaders all the time.. However, I was not intimidated by power, but it taught me the dignity of being a human being!     In the face of family disaster, I did not flinch. In order to tide over the difficulties, I work as a teacher, go home as a farmer, and be a peddler on Sundays and holidays.. I was once bullied by peddlers who carried fruit loads through villages and villages. I also ran into a wall with my camera on my doorstep in four villages and eight miles. What’s more, ice sticks are sold on the doorstep in the dog days carrying heat preservation boxes.. For the sake of a little petty gain, I was completely supercilious and despised by others.. However, I didn’t feel too jealous of this disdain. I honored her as my teacher. I must live a good life that others can live. I’m not jealous of you. I take you as my pursuit target. I’m going to live better than you. When you stand in front of me next time, I will definitely raise my eyebrows.     Later, that is, in recent years, starting from the summer of 2006, in order to find myself a place to spend my old age, I mistakenly fell in love with daub words. The Internet is a big family. It gives me a taste of fun. In the past three years or more, I have daubed more than one million words on my letter hand and surprised my friends around me.. To tell the truth, I have not received any special training in Chinese, nor have I ever attended university. At first, some of the spiritual words I wrote were really words of fact and rote learning.. I never know what writing skills and techniques to use to refine the theme of the article and so on, but the emotion poured into the text is full-bodied and sincere.. I sent them all the way to participate in the novel reading web bill, but I didn’t expect to get a good evaluation. Next, I became the eighth resident writer to take part in an interview with the regulations of the novel reading network, and I felt particularly happy..     I’m glad to print these manuscripts into a book. Please advise my predecessors and colleagues around me.. Maybe it’s because I’ve just started out and I’m a new person. Some wise men are very concerned about me and have really helped me a lot and benefited me a lot..But there are also some imaginary maniacs who told me that you are fooling around with something. Don’t do it, you can’t figure it out. If you have to get it, follow me and learn it well. At the beginning, so-and-so wrote prose and I changed it to only 18 words, you know? At that time, his words suddenly startled me. Later, I thought it was wrong, isn’t it true? Really want to in that case, isn’t it too mysterious? Excuse me, friends, will you believe it?     In this, I didn’t believe him, and I didn’t go to him again. I know that he is everybody. He was once an editor and there are many books out there.. He looked down on me and despised me! I know he has published his work in famous magazines in the country. I regard him as my goal, and I will try my best to catch up with him, even if it is hard and tired all the way! There is also a man who always shows off his head with a provincial writer’s certificate, a pair of supercilious style, which makes people feel timid and funny.. Behind their performance, I clearly realized that only when others respect you, trust you, and create good works can I have the strongest persuasiveness..     In July 2007, I was really shocked when I suddenly received a letter from the magazine ” Regulations for Appreciating Famous Works” containing the sample publication and payment for my humble work in May for participating in Liudi Regulations.. This is the first text that has become type in a Chinese core journal since I smeared it. I’m so happy. I bought the current issue of the magazine and distributed it to friends and colleagues around me with all the payment in order to enjoy the happiness with everyone..     Later, a friend of Wen proposed that this was a great occasion for me and was especially worthy of celebration. He asked me to treat him.. I didn’t think much of it. I asked everyone to have a good meal in the hotel.. But afterwards I heard such idle talk. Some people say: Ming ran out an article and went everywhere to show his face. I’m going to ask him to spend money, hum, and see if he still shows his face in the future? Hearing this, I know that the guest was invited in vain. originally, the friendship between friends was so shallow that a meal of wine could burn away the feelings between friends.. It’s really hard for me to think of. I feel very helpless, I also have to forget about it with a wry smile, and I don’t want to join them any more.. Strange to say, how can people in this world be so difficult to ponder, especially those who call themselves’ intellectuals’.     To tell the truth, now my ” Ming Ran Trilogy” has all come to the front. I believe that this trilogy is the three steps I created, the first step is more stable than the first step, and the first step is better than the first step. This is what friends around me and on the Internet often tell me, and I also seem to be vaguely aware of it.. In fact, I really don’t shy away from those who like to despise others now, because I can regard them as my goal and a yardstick to inspire me, and they can bring me upward strength..     Although some of my works have appeared in nearly 30 national media magazines in the past three years, some of them have been included in some annual anthologies and popular collections, others have been published in radio stations in an alternative way, and personal notes and the publications I initiated to participate in Poyang Lake Literature Regulations have also been included in Baidu Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Dictionary, Jinshan Chinese Dictionary, etc.. But I am not satisfied. I still have a lot to learn, and I have a long way to go. I will firmly climb this rugged path.     I know I can’t be everyone, and I can’t read all the books, walk all the way, and take all the scenery in the world.. So I was destined to be short – sighted, and I couldn’t have done much in my life. However, I can spend the rest of my life walking through a small spot in Duchang, even a tiny spot on the world map that can only be found with a magnifier of ten million times. I am ashamed of myself in my life. In addition to my previous stay in the small fishing village in my hometown for more than 20 years, duchang county is the city, that’s all. I have a wish, I want to enlarge Duchang. I want to offer Duchang to everyone with my simple words. Duchang is not my own Duchang, but the Duchang of the world.! For this wish, I hope I can always have some despising eyes by my side.     I want power from contempt and wisdom from contempt. Think of contempt as a reflection of your teacher and work hard and forge ahead towards the next goal! As the old saying goes, there is no end to learning. There is no end to it. I will follow this road bravely! In the face of contempt, I have no fear!     On November 29, 2010, the first draft was finalized at 2: 00 a.m. on November 30, 2010 at 6: 30 a.m.[ Responsible Editor: Chloe[ Original ]