Confusion of career

It has been more than three years since I graduated from college to work.. Now in retrospect, when I went to Hangzhou to look for a job, it was really interesting..     When I went to Hangzhou, it was the month after the end of the year. I went there with one of my college classmates, with an excited mood, to put my resume on the vast recruitment market and the talent network.. The result is obvious, except for interviewing a sales company, all the resumes are like the sea, and there is no news at all.. What’s more, it rained every day for a month when I came to Hangzhou, and the only day I remember as sunny was the day in mid – February. It was really not easy.     After a month’s stay, I couldn’t stand the cold weather and returned. This is the only time I’ve been looking for a job abroad so far.. In mid – April, because the school required everyone to finish the employment agreement and my relatives started a company, I went to him to seal it. I didn’t think that I had been in this company for more than three years after the lid was removed..     I remember the first time I accompanied my boss to meet customers. I was really nervous and didn’t have confidence. I couldn’t have many basic things.. It’s embarrassing to think about it now. I officially joined my relative’s company in July and immediately faced great pressure. Several of my colleagues were fired by the boss, and as a result, I became the sole person to maintain the booth system.. I can only keep learning and asking developers about the technology. Now think about it, it’s really interesting..     However, the current problems have appeared frequently. First, my current technology is completely out of date, completely eating the old capital there and learning is not going to go in. Second: Life is too easy and easy. Every day is to maintain the system. I used to play games and watch TV. Although I can’t, I don’t know what to do. Third: There is no pressure, the company has no new business to come in, no new business to come in, that is, no new things to learn, and naturally there will be no pressure. Fourth: The boss is 55 years old and will retire after five years at most. It is impossible to continue working. Then the successor of the company, how the company will develop and what will it be like. Fifth: I wanted to change jobs, but the boss did not allow it. After all, he solved my employment problem at the beginning and now told me to leave. I really couldn’t stop it. Sixth: I think it is also the most important point. I have completely lost my love for things, and now I don’t know what I like best, completely lost goals and dreams..     I have thought about what to do, but I can’t figure out what to do. It’s really hard. I know that I have to solve this problem by myself after all, and others can only give me advice at most, but I am the one who can really solve the problem.. No matter how many opinions I have, I will not think or use them, and it will be totally useless..     So sometimes I think, if I die, will I die, but I am afraid of death and dare not go. And my parents are still there. I feel a little sorry for my parents if I die like this. Can you tell me what I can do? It’s really hard.!