The husband is leaving again. The evening plane has long been used to such a life of separation and harmony, but the rain butterfly’s heart is still very painful.. Although she can ask for leave to send the plane, she doesn’t want to see her husband’s back far away. It would be more appropriate to say goodbye to her husband who is sleeping in bed.. Rain butterfly put on a mixed-color chiffon dress, with bird pictures printed on the white clothes on the upper body and showing flexibility, ” I walked” she whispered, and her husband grabbed her white hand and kissed it down. her short beard was tied on the back of her hand, causing a little pain and itching. she giggled, but the laughter brought a little sorrow, and the husband didn’t pay much attention to it. rain butterfly hurried out of the house.. The weather outside was gloomy and a little stuffy. The weather forecast said there was rain, but the rain butterfly felt a little cold. I don’t know if it was a little sad to say goodbye in the morning. She didn’t dare to think much about it. Then tears that were afraid of sneaking up will come out again.. A grind teeth, ride an electric car to the company. When I arrived at the company, I didn’t have much thought to do anything. What’s more, on Monday, everyone was lazy and scattered. The rain butterfly watered the hanging orchids and aloe on the windowsill, and the soil that hadn’t been watered for two days was already a little chapped.. At ten o’clock the husband called and said he had left home and was ready to go to the husband’s family. The rain butterfly listened to her husband’s voice and really wanted to drill through the phone and come to her husband’s side. After hanging up the phone, she was a little sad, but she was soon overwhelmed by her busy work. Shortly after twelve, the husband called again to tell the rain butterfly where the car stopped and let her be careful. in fact, the rain butterfly knows how independent she is. after all these years, she has been completely like a woman man, and can change tires and repair cars on her own. sometimes the husband calls to ask what to do about the car.? But at this time, she, like a little woman, was cared for by her husband and enjoyed it very much. She felt very happy in her heart.. At 2: 30 p.m., the telephone rang again, and the familiar regulations for participating in the flowers in the water sang again. This is a special ring tone for my husband.. It turned out that the husband came to report his whereabouts again and was already on the airport bus. Yudie felt that the husband was like a child and would report every occurrence.. Maybe the husband doesn’t want to leave her, but some things can’t be changed and can only go on. Hung up the phone, she sighed softly. At 4: 00, my husband passed the security check and boarded the plane on time. Rain butterfly also off work, go back to pick up her daughter.     My daughter grew up, all alone with the rain butterfly. She slept with herself from the first day of her birth.. My daughter was clever from an early age, and she was also beautiful and proud of the rain butterfly.. But also because of her daughter, Yudie and her husband have been living apart from each other. In fact, other women can’t stand it, and many female colleagues are a little surprised and admire Yudie and have such courage.. Rain butterflies can accept such a life, which may also be the reason why they are relatively independent from each other since childhood. Yudie has a younger brother and her parents are busy working, so cooking and housework will be shared by her parents and her younger brother will be well cared for.. She has been living a habit for a long time, so that she can bear such a life.. Call her daughter, her sad voice came out and told her a bad news. The monthly exam failed. Rain butterfly’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley. Since childhood, in order not to let her lose at the starting line, she has created conditions for her daughter to do everything within her power.. The results in primary school were not bad at first, but the higher they went, the worse they were.. Now entering junior high school, the landslide is even more severe. For the sake of her daughter, Yudie has also started to invest a lot of money in training in foreign schools, which will cost tens of thousands of dollars at the end of a semester.. Rain butterfly is a little distressed, the husband comforts her, and the money we earn will still be used for our daughter, both early and late.. Rain butterfly think too, can let daughter’s performance improvement is also good, rather than then to take money to buy points, it is better to put the daughter’s foundation on the ground. However, the effect of the training class was not satisfactory. The daughter’s achievements were still in the middle and lower reaches of the river, and the rain butterfly was very anxious.. Now hearing the news is another blow to her. What she can’t stand now is to hear others say how capable her children are and how good their grades are, which is an insult to her.. Rain butterfly really devotes herself to her daughter. She pays close attention to her daughter’s life and study.. Flower’s mind is an old saying, poor inherit the wind. However, due to the long separation between the two places and the rise of their age, the rain butterfly will occasionally feel a little too much for it.. Sometimes she wants to back off, sometimes she wants to escape, sometimes she really wants to find a place where no one can cry, but she still gnashes her teeth, continues to comfort her daughter, encourages her daughter, and hopes she can still cultivate a daughter that is not top grade, but should also be an excellent daughter.. After all, the current social competition is too fierce. If you want to live a good life, you must have a good foundation.. Yudie also knows that her daughter needs expensive maintenance and provides her with all the good living conditions from an early age. Because of her husband’s work, she often has the opportunity to eat and live in a five-star hotel, which is also the best place for her expensive maintenance.. The rain butterfly also knows what she can do for her daughter, and that’s all she can do. Others still depend on their daughter to fight for it. After all, her daughter will grow up and will leave her to travel alone..     Yudie is looking forward to her daughter’s life after she went to college, then she will become a free man and can do something as she pleases. Since the birth of her daughter, Yudie has been living on two fronts, either at home or in the company, and she has hardly gone to the shopping mall she used to like. Only when she goes to work, can she find some fun in life at this moment.. There are no girlfriends, no sisters, no friends, only daughters in her life. There seems to be nothing else to do except to go to work and go home from work to take charge of my daughter.. Rain butterfly cooks a good dish, and her daughter likes to eat it especially. In fact, she is also helpless. If she has any choice, she would rather eat instant noodles.. For the sake of her daughter’s health, Yudie also specially made baking and compensation at home, such as bread, cake, biscuits and egg tarts. She tried everything she could, but sometimes she didn’t appreciate her appearance and didn’t want to taste it, which made her feel very frustrated. After all, good things will only make sense if someone appreciates them.. At this moment, she will think of her husband, who is a faithful fan of the butterfly and never fastidious, so this is also one of the reasons why the butterfly likes her husband..Think of husband, the rain butterfly has a slight quiver in her heart. In fact, a woman still likes to lean on a man’s shoulder, play coquetry or hug her. Why should the world make a’ good’ word? This is a sign that a man and a woman are united. This is good. So after four years, Yudie can follow her husband, where he is and where she is. After all, they have wasted the best time and can’t let the years grind away any more. There are several fifteen years in life. Yudie feels too sorry for herself if she doesn’t seize the time to get together with her husband.. She wanted to go out for a walk with her husband when she had time, cook some food for her husband when she was free, or go to the movies. At this time, there was no one else to disturb her. It was the world of two people.. Rain butterfly thinking about thinking, she chuckled and smiled, which also supported her belief of walking down all the way!