A boundless journey

1.. The boundless journey sits in the boundless space and looks like seeing the boundless sea, with layers of waves surging up and layers of waves surging up and layers of foam piling up like bunches of cotton flowers. They are flying and overlapping into bunches of flower balls. This is the sky in the cloud and mist..   The long-lost music continued in the vast space, making people’s mood difficult to rest peacefully and comfortably. It felt as if they hadn’t heard such melody for a long time, landing in the misty sky, and haven’t experienced such radical and rolling moments of surge of emotion for a long time..   For good music, good music score or a good reputation, there is no need to praise it deliberately. Today, holding the heart for a try, I opened the buckle space and visited friends and classmates who had not seen me for a long time. I could not think of such a journey in such an island..   It’s still the song, it’s still the deep song of Qiong Yao’s carefree courtyard, but the feeling of listening is different..   I don’t know whether the string zither music of Nakajima Taisan played too much, or whether it was originally too deep for me to be obsessed with and intoxicated. It is difficult to describe and express such a feeling clearly..   However, every time one starts such a journey of time and space, one’s mood can’t help it, and one’s mind is tempted by music to follow Le Fei, and endless thoughts also follow the wind and roam the boundless wilderness to the distant dream of cloud nine..   A boundless pasture, a slope of green grass curled up in smoke, flocks and herds of magnificent cattle and sheep, munching on grass there!     2.. How can I hurt you? I think, maybe this is the little fly who has practiced kung fu, just push the window and let it go out. Nazhi, the string of the window is closed too tightly, but it can be opened only with light opening and closing force.. Just imagine that if you were the little fly who had practiced kung fu, you wouldn’t have anything to do if you stayed indoors all night. As a result, if you look at the window curtain and the room and still have a long distance, you will have no intention to pay attention to your exit and then let you go..   The night of the summer solstice is long and tight without winter. In the summer sky, there are countless bugs like stars in the night.   In the summer sky, a dark night will soon pass. In such a short night, dreaming and sleeping, the split-second time also ushered in the dawn of the morning..   When the rest of the dream did not wake up, I came to the pool where I was washing my hands at the half – dream and half – waking moment, only to wake up suddenly and be indignant and alert. Unfortunately, I saw you, your small body that was still there..   To this end, wonder and surprise, had to face the indoor furnishings, with sharp eyes shot a cycle.   In this man’s habitable environment, in this man’s breathable space, how can there be no place to stay without you??   Think, think, and finally fail to come up with a clear idea, when you pick up your trunk, twist the wing, and then place it in the flower bed outdoors..   When I returned to the room, I picked up my mobile phone and picked up the charging cord to prepare for charging. At this moment, I discovered that I was in the corner near the wall, next to a round small bottle that was placed on the wall and filled with thick and light liquid..   Isn’t that why you suffocate and can’t live? It’s a place where mosquitoes can’t survive, and it’s also a place where you suffocate and can’t live?     3.. Sleep is the natural enemy of health. Keeping good sleep is the foundation of fitness.   If people don’t have a good sleep, they won’t be able to get a good working condition and put into efficient operation the next day..   The primary manifestation of poor sleep: yawning, thinking disorder, amnesia, low work efficiency, slow response and so on. If such diseases occur in the long run, women may suffer from endocrine disorders, leading to sticking points in the balance of the physiological system. Grave hyperthyroidism may occur, and slight endocrine disorders may also occur. However, as long as attention is paid to rest and recuperation and adequate sleep is maintained, they can be cured..   The sleepless nights of hardship and exhaustion can not be replaced by anything else. The food is not fragrant and the mood is impetuous..   In normal times, the music I like to listen to is also tasteless at the moment, and in vain it becomes fidgety too, let alone playing music such as bungee jumping and fast rhythm..   At this moment, the person’s mood at this moment is expected to have a calm, but it is a luxury to have a heart that knows you know you are warm and can understand you. It doesn’t need too many words, but only quiet listening, as long as it can give a person a moment of peace and stability..   When such a state of mind is imminent, but it is impossible to have such a comfortable adjustment of tongtai as one wishes, there is no doubt that staying in such an environment is like being in a city kiln cave without skylight or string windows.. In a black coal kiln, except black sulfur smoke, it is difficult to circulate coking coal for people to breathe and change oxygen..   Although it cannot be said that the days of staying in such kilns will be comfortable and comfortable, at least they will have the depressing feeling of suffocation..   I remember reading an article about Master Ji Xianlin Ji in his illness, saying that when he came out of the hospital, he was not only in the midst of the Cultural Revolution, but also dragging his sick body that had not recovered and was living every day like a crawl.. When the master welcomed the final hardships and joys, he was still grateful for life and for the growth and experience of life brought to him by the Cultural Revolution..   This is what kind of realm, what kind of spirit and perseverance are supporting the master to perceive and verify the true knowledge of life step by step!   I have deep feelings about sleep. Of course, according to the individual’s environment and their own conditions and circumstances, they will be different from each other.. This may be a kind of alternative interpretation, which cannot be based on a point or a surface, but on a partial or complete view..