Thank you, my first lesson

Thank you, my first lesson was released on July 14, 2017. Source: Author of Lingnan Normal University: Su Huibin bangs today I will officially be a primary teacher, officially have my own students, and officially take the first lesson in my career.. I believe this will be an experience that I will never forget. In this lesson, I had a classroom interaction with the children in story guessing, and the children were highly motivated.. Most of the time, before I finish the story, they all tell the correct answer in succession.. I sometimes pay special attention to other words they say and then carry out my course on their topic, and they are also very active and actively cooperate with me.. In this class, I initially fulfilled my promise to make every class well in the countryside so that every student in the class can reap happiness. Happy moments are always passed quickly, and the bell of the class has sounded unconsciously.. I thought my interaction with the children was coming to an end, but at the unanimous request of the children, I delayed the end of class. Until all the students in the third grade shouted loudly,’ Thank you, teacher. Goodbye. After that, my first lesson really came to an end. Perhaps this class was not very successful, but when I saw the smiles on the children’s faces, I felt something called satisfaction and joy from my heart.. Thank you, lovely children. Thank you, my first lesson, I have gained a lot.