Grandfather participated in the War of Resistance

On the day of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti – Japanese War, my heart fluctuated and my mind was full of thoughts. My grandfather’s story of participating in the War of Resistance often swelled in my mind. Against the background of commemorating the victory of the War of Resistance, I didn’t want to drown my grandfather’s story in the historical time, so I took a clue from the troubled thoughts in my mind and restored my grandfather’s story as a veteran of the War of Resistance.. My grandfather, Qiao xingyi, was an old party member who joined the party in 1938. he joined the party at a very dangerous time. the war of resistance against Japan just broke out and chaos in the country broke out in February 1938. in my hometown, Pingdu city, was occupied by the Japanese invading army’s nakamura leadership department and established a stronghold ready for a long-term occupation.. At that time, Zhang Jinming, commander of the 16th detachment of the Kuomintang’s 5th war zone and head of Pingdu county, was terrified and fled to Pingdu’s northeast mountainous area, and the armed forces in other parts of the Kuomintang were also scared away, each according to its own side.. In such a dangerous situation, many people are scared to hide from Tibet, and the number of people joining the Party is even smaller, with only 20 party members in Pingdu County as a whole.. However, my grandfather came forward at the time of the national crisis and actively asked to join the Party. It can be seen that he is loyal to the Party and has great courage and determination to participate in the War of Resistance.. Grandfather joined the Party and soon became the district party committee secretary of Pingdu District. At that time, Pingdu County set up eight districts, one of which was the central district, and Pingdu County was set up in the same district, that is, in my hometown of Qiao Jia and the neighboring village of Wo Luozi, because it was close to the northern mountainous area and was convenient for secret organizations to develop guerrillas and anti – Japanese armed forces and expand the anti – Japanese united front. It is also convenient to hold secret meetings in mountainous areas to study the tactics of fighting against the enemy.. The prefectural party Committee of the south China sea, which was later established, was also difficult to establish its foothold in the plain. it was located in my hometown with Pingdu county, where it became the’ eyesore’ of the Japanese puppet troops. it was the main target of the attack. the area played a dual role of fighting the Japanese invaders and protecting the prefectural party Committee of the south China sea and Pingdu county, and there was a great danger.. Grandfather is in such an extremely dangerous situation, in the northern mountainous area 10km away from Japan’s puppet troops, fighting with Japan’s puppet troops, which is tantamount to activities under the enemy’s nose. The degree of danger can be imagined, and his life may be sacrificed at any time.. After listening to my grandfather’s talk about October 1939, my superiors told me that the strategic task of Jiaodong’s work must first be to control Daze Mountain and establish Daze Mountain Base Area. This is the strategic throat of Jiaodong, and the northern mountain area where I came from is the southern part of Daze Mountain, which is a strategic location.. Pingdu County, in order to cope with the possible Japanese puppet troops’ raid at any time, held an enlarged meeting of the county party committee attended by the district party committee secretary in October 1939, December 1939 and February 1940 in Dougou Village, Jianli Village and Qiaojia Village, my hometown, to study and deploy to deal with the Japanese puppet troops’ surprise attack.. At the end of the meeting held in jstars village, grandfather and his family had not yet left. a Japanese puppet army camp surrounded jstars. the situation was very dangerous. grandfather and his family skillfully moved to neighboring village wo lo zi village under the cover of the masses. after Japanese puppet troops saved air, they chased to wo lo zi village and surrounded the village.. Grandfather, they were again out of danger under the cover of the masses. When they were children, they often heard grandmothers tell stories about my grandfather’s participation in the War of Resistance. Sometimes, they heard her sigh and say, ” Alas!”! Your grandfather kept his head on his waistband all day during the Anti – Japanese War. He is alive today and doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow. Bullets don’t last long.. Every time I listen to my grandmother’s words, I know how dangerous and dangerous it was at that time. somehow, I was still worried about my grandfather at that time, and I also felt admiration for him.. Grandfather they often took advantage of the night to hold meetings in the mountains. In order to keep the secret, the location is not fixed. Generally, they are mostly in the mountains of’ Mister Land’ and’ Eight Articles’. There are mountains and nights. Japanese puppet troops don’t know the terrain and dare not go in, so they are relatively safe.. Sometimes it’s not safe. Once, a meeting was held in Shanghui Village, behind the mountain, and was surrounded by Japanese puppet troops because of traitors’ informers. The situation is very critical. If you don’t break through, there will be heavy casualties.. Grandfather they threw caution to the wind, under the cover of the masses, hard to break through, just out of the danger of life, only caused a few casualties. Grandfather was calm when he told these thrilling stories, as if he were telling other people’s stories. Even when he said that he was injured in the leg of jumping over the wall, he was calm, because he experienced the baptism of the wind and rain of the war and felt very normal, but it sounded frightening to me. It is said that grandfather was not only unable to run and limped when he hurt his foot, but luckily he turned many corners and walls in his hometown, turned around and hid in Tibet, and escaped the Japanese puppet army’s search and picked up a life.. Now that I think about it, my grandfather survived raids by Japanese puppet troops, picking up one life at a time and another.. Grandmother often said, ” It’s very casual for Japanese ghosts to kill a Chinese. It’s really cruel.”! Your grandfather’s life was a narrow escape. He’s deadly! At that time, I was really worried about him, and my heart was ripping up all day.. On the occasion of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, as a descendant of a veteran of the War of Resistance Against Japan, a soldier who fought in self-defense and counterattack, I think my grandfather’s experience in the War of Resistance is a story I have to write, and I should know the story of grandfather’s participation in the War of Resistance in detail and restore a true image of a veteran of the War of Resistance Against Japan so as to comfort his grandfather’s spirit in heaven.. After the victory of the Anti – Japanese War, my grandfather moved to Dalian, Laiyang Special Administration, Laizhou and other places to work as an underground party organization and worked abroad for decades. As a result, I knew too little about my grandfather’s experience of the Anti – Japanese War and left some regrets and regrets after his death.. What I do not regret is that I have looked up some of my grandfather’s historical data by participating in the Pingdu County Records Bill, learned about his grandfather’s situation through my elderly father, got information about his grandfather’s evaluation through my hometown’s father, and got a general understanding of the story of his grandfather’s participation in the War of Resistance by recalling the words spoken by his grandfather and grandmother.. My grandfather took part in the War of Resistance, and I am also proud of having such a grandfather! Grandfather left home for the cause of the liberation of the party and human beings and for our happy life today, charged in bullets and bullets, survived the war, passed the choice between life and death, and was a survivor of the war of resistance. he made an important contribution in Pingdu war of resistance and made great efforts to develop the anti – Japanese armed forces and the party organization. I feel that his thoughts are lofty and great, worthy of the people, worthy of the party and sacrifice. as a child, he often went around his hometown with his hands behind his back and thinking about what he was doing.. Now I finally realized that it was my grandfather who walked around the place where he fought during the war of resistance and remembered his fallen comrades before he felt relieved in his heart.. The story of grandfather’s participation in the War of Resistance also inspires and inspires the people in his hometown, and the hometown folks miss this hometown district party committee secretary very much.. Ten years ago, the hometown people erected a monument to the martyrs of the war of resistance, heroes and veteran party members in the place where my grandfather had fought, and inscribed my grandfather’s name on the solemn monument. this is the best memory and memory of my glorious grandfather for the hometown people. if my grandfather had the spirit of heaven, they would also be pleased because the hometown folks did not forget him. I once bowed to my grandfather and his comrades in arms in front of the monument with a solemn mood, and photographed the heroic list on the monument to remember my grandfather and these heroes from time to time.. On the solemn occasion of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti – Japanese War, I wrote this article as a descendant of a veteran of the War of Resistance to express my deep nostalgia for my grandfather who participated in the War of Resistance. His spirit of resistance will inspire me to move forward! Qiao Xiande