Father changed cigarettes

I went on a business trip with my friend Xiao Gao to a county seat, did a good job, and strolled down the street.     When Xiao Gao comes to a slightly larger store, he has to go in and look at it and ask what he wants to buy for his family. I thought to myself, Sanming’s supermarket has nothing to do with it, and I still need to run to this small county seat to buy it and bring it home.. In fact, when I was on a business trip before, I also like to buy things for my parents, but I can take them back. My parents didn’t say that this is expensive, that is, there are supermarkets in the street. Why go all the way to the other place to buy it?. I’m thankless, so I don’t want to buy anything now.     Walked across several roads and entered a larger shopping mall. Xiao Gao stopped in front of a tobacco and alcohol store, looked for a moment, and pointed to a urn’ wine lady’ to talk to the boss about the price. I see, such ” wine niang” and ” sanming” also sell. Xiao Gao said he wanted to give his father a taste. He said, ” You also pick some here.”. ‘ I looked around the store, that is, ordinary alcohol and tobacco, nothing special. I disagree and say, ” These things are available in Sanming. What’s the difference between buying here and buying at home?”. ‘ said Xiao Gao, shaking his head like a rattle. ” It’s not the same. It’s definitely not the same.”. I went on to say, ” What’s the difference? Every time I buy it back, they either think I bought it indiscriminately or think I bought it too expensive. They all told me not to buy anything outside in the future.”.     Small high secretive smile, then you believe their words. He added: ” In fact, my wife, like your family, also nagged and said I wouldn’t buy anything, but I know what she said, but she was happy in her heart.”. ‘ I listen to quite reasonable, nodding, thoughtful. Well, you’re right. I also want to buy something for my parents and wife. ‘ I said, then look at this side with Gao and pick that one. I bought decorations for my wife and a set of autumn clothes for my mother. Knowing that his father was a heavy smoker, he brought his father two ” 555” brand cigarettes.     When I got home, I opened my bag and took out my things. My father was delighted to see his ” favorite” – cigarette. My mother and wife still said they would not buy any more. Anyway, it was the same as before, but the feeling of joy was palpable..     A month later, I went to my parents’ residence and found the two ” 555” cigarettes still intact on the table as ” exhibits”. I’m afraid my father didn’t know the taste of many cigarettes in his life. He only smoked his cheap’ aloes’ or’ fujian’ cigarettes.. I asked, ” Why don’t you take this cigarette and smoke it?”. ‘ Father picked up one of them and asked, ” How much is this one?”. I’m afraid he can’t bear to smoke by himself, so I casually said, ” It’s the same as aloes, and it costs four or five yuan a pack.”. ‘ But when he delivers cigarettes to his father next Sunday, he actually has four cigarettes on his desk, but two 555 cigarettes are missing, and four are all’ aloes’. It turned out that he exchanged a ” 555” of more than 100 yuan for a ” aloes” of two or thirty yuan each. It is said that when he exchanged cigarettes, he also said a lot of good things to others..