The door of the old house is very exquisite, with two thick door panels facing each other. The top is beautifully carved door eyebrows, and the bottom is a large green and slippery stone slab. A stone beam threshold is laid on the stone slab. The door panel is inlaid with door ring buckles in the shape of a lion’s mouth. Two mighty stone lions are placed on both sides of the door, and a door opening for small animals to enter and leave is left under the left side of the door.. Because they live together, the whole row of houses has a uniform shape and a similar structure. In order to resist bandits and guard against bandits, walls have been built in front of the whole row of houses, and front and rear gates have been set up.. When I was a child, adults always liked to rest at the door after tea and meal, smoke dry cigarettes and talk about harvest, comment on books and talk about stories, and our children also liked to gather together and listen to all sorts of weird stories and legends.. During the day, when adults work in the fields, we often play mud clay figurines on the gate stone slab and also play mud gambling games, that is, kneading mud into bowls and then buttoning the gate stone slab, the opening is filled up with clay balls twisted into balls by the other party, and it is a joy to play. Although the mud ball won was finally thrown into the river, no one was willing to lose. The door of the old house is always open, it sears the joy of our childhood and witnesses the joy of our growth!   As an adult, he took part in the work. The unit is divided into a single room, which is also relatively spacious. Closing the door is our small space.. At first, the couple lived well. After a few years, they had children, and after a little longer, they would make revolution and want to be independent, so they had to use closets and curtains to separate their separate small spaces and hang small cloth curtains to count as the doors of the newly enclosed small room.. Children are so small that it is very happy to have such a relatively independent piece of heaven and earth belonging to oneself.. Although the small cloth curtain was a door, the children thought it was just a cover for their parents to deceive themselves.. Although it is a humble room, it is only my virtue and Xin’. With this’ door’ family, they are happy and peaceful for the time being..   Children grow up day by day and the living space is not suitable. A few years ago, taking advantage of the financial crisis and the downturn in the property market, I rushed to mortgage a 120 – square – meter house.. After a period of decoration, the whole family was delighted to see the bright house, and before the day of housewarming, their children would have to ” catch fresh” to move in first, and only after several persuasion did their excited mood calm down.. Moved to a new home, each handed out a door and room key. We couldn’t help laughing at this shiny new key. With the new room, children are busy arranging their own small space, often closing the door and sometimes even locking their parents out. This sturdy door has become a strong reliance on the children’s own hearts. When they are unhappy, they will shut the door with a’ bang’ and even lock it back. My wife and I are at a loss.. Here, when neighbors enter the door, they are also casually ” banging” and ” banging” and ” wangwang security door” buckled. usually, the doorbell rings and always looks at the cat’s eye before making a decision.. The door has pulled us away from our children and alienated our neighbors.   One day, I told my colleagues about the difficulties, and she felt the same way.. She said that her son had been out of control since he had his own room. He often talked back and could not lock the door easily. She was so angry that she was furious and helpless.. In the end, she excelled in skills and came up with a good way to unload the child’s door. Without the door, her son would have no risks and would have been much more obedient and obedient. I heard a lot of feelings.. Door, is really mysterious!   At present, my son has entered the most critical learning stage in high school. The door is closed and I must be studying behind closed doors. But every time the exam is not ideal, I doubt and dissatisfaction with this door. I doubt that it protects and connives my son, making him escape supervision and gallop behind closed doors in a world unrelated to learning.. The son of lively sunshine seems to have become silent under the weight of my criticism, so I can’t help worrying again, thinking, son, don’t lock your heart when you close the door. Door, really let me don’t know how to deal with!   Door, you hold a free world for us while still trying to open it up!   I miss the door of the old house again.    In 2012 – 1 – 16