Birthday speech

Birthday speech years in a hurry, between the flick of a finger and a wave of his hand. Unconsciously ushered in his 46th birthday.     At noon today, I received a phone call from my daughter: the child wishes me a happy birthday on the phone. I was surprised to receive the call: Ah, I forgot my birthday.     Listening to my daughter’s blessing, I was very excited. My daughter was lucky to catch up with the good situation: she just graduated from undergraduate course this year and happened to recruit students from special posts in the province. after consulting, the child chose to apply for a post in the county.. Due to the fact that the child is studying a teacher’s major and his own efforts, it can be said that the journey from online registration to physical examination has been smooth and he has now taken up his post.. After receiving the phone call, I was excited and didn’t say anything encouraging. On the phone, my daughter sincerely thanked me and her mother for their kindness to her upbringing and reported on her work and future plans.. Listening to my daughter’s voice, I was so excited that tears streamed down my eyes. Yes, the children have grown up and we are also getting old..     When I was a child, I pinched my fingers every day to look forward to the birthday day. After the birthday day, I was told that I was one year older. It was a very happy and proud thing, so I especially liked the birthday. But now I don’t have much enthusiasm for my birthday. On the contrary, I still feel a little scared. I’m one year old after my birthday. The trees depend on the green and the flowers depend on the fall, but in desperation, youth will inevitably fade out of the stage of life..     Looking back on 46 years of life: both pride and emotion. Proud is the healthy growth and happy childhood under the care and care of parents. The feeling is that elementary school to junior high school are catching up with the ten-year turmoil and have not learned book knowledge.. After graduating from high school in 80 years, I went back to the third grade to review and successfully entered the county high school. Then through his own efforts, he went to normal school and worked, married and had children after graduation.. Over the past few decades, there have been ups and downs, pain and laughter. It’s really a long story.! Up to now: I have finally figured out a clue: I bought a house and a private car in the county seat, I have a stable job, and my lover is engaged in education. After his son graduated from university, he applied for a job in a well-known enterprise in Beijing and developed well. So I’m very satisfied. I’m keeping in good health after work. Riding and swimming, cold bath, handstand and brisk walking are my required courses every day.     Life is happy, because there is only a birthday for life day and night.. Finally, I want to say: Happy days are our birthdays! May we have a happy day!