awei, come on!

Yesterday, my son awei wrote to us ( WeChat ) asking for money, saying that he was preparing to take part in the postgraduate exam. I was very surprised and pleased to hear the news..   After three years in college, his family repeatedly urged him to study hard to prepare for one’s deceased father grind, but he didn’t care, even saying,’ I’m not the kind of person to sit down and do research. ‘ Two months ago, my colleague’s children were admitted to graduate school and my cousin’s daughter was admitted to graduate school. I said to awei on WeChat: Son, my colleague’s children have been admitted to graduate school. Do you have any ideas? awei replied: Dad, I don’t want to take an examination of one’s deceased father. I want to go to the society early and take an examination of one’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father.! I know everything . Ah. At that time, my heart was rather lost and I thought: My son, he knows to eat, drink and fall in love all day. Why can’t he fight for breath in his studies?? Now don’t one’s deceased father grind after even have no chance. Lost to lost, but I always respect my son’s choice, because the road is to go by myself, and adults can only provide some reference on the direction of the problem..   A month later, awei suddenly called to say that he wanted to be a soldier. Let me inquire about the recruitment information of the county and prepare for myopic surgery. He also said that what to do depends on where the soldiers are. Tibet in Xinjiang will not go.. I am naturally glad to hear that my son wants to be a soldier, because it is a pity for my life and I admire those who have been soldiers in my heart.. But after listening to the words behind me, I’m a little unhappy. This is clearly a fear of hardship! The soldiers in Xinjiang Tibet’s hard and desolate land are not suitable. The soldiers in Beijing and Shanghai must go. I think their son is still naive. In fact, the soldiers everywhere are all the same. They have to go through rigorous and cruel training. Otherwise, how can they defend their country?? I said, ” Son, a soldier’s father supports you.”! But when what soldiers, when where soldiers dad but helpless. ” .” another month later, you suddenly offered to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind. At the crossroads of life, one’s deceased father grind is absolutely right! Dad was surprised, dad was surprised, dad was pleased, dad was happy. I feel like my son woke up at the beginning of a big dream. Although this dream woke up a little later, everything was still in time.. Son, dad praised you! Although the postgraduate entrance examination is hard and tiring, it does not have enough knowledge and ability to contribute to society? To support a family is something that a person can do, but if he wants to settle down and do something for the public, he must have real talent and practical learning.. One’s deceased father grind for further study is just the right time for you, awei, come on!   . Ah, last winter, dad wrote his childhood. You said you forgot your childhood and asked dad to write about your childhood.. Dad didn’t understand how his childhood could be forgotten? The only child generation, is it too happy? Now let your father write about your growth experience.   awei was born at Shangbao Village Health Center in Tongshan Town at sunset on the second day of 1997. You were born with a handsome face and a thin body.. Before I was a year old, I often cried for no reason. My grandfather held you around the hospital during lunch break, and it took me a long time to sleep.. Three turns six sit nine climb, nine months because of a cold you first forehead infusion drip, at that time your father has not tasted the taste of infusion, the in the mind is naturally very worried about fear, mother holding you, motionless a hug is three hours. Before the age of three, colds continued in winter and spring. You don’t take medicine, you can only give injections. The common cold medicine doesn’t work, and you must take the No.5 vanguard.. When you eat, you must hold it alone and feed it alone. Sometimes your mother puts you on the windowsill and when you feed, you still tilt your head to one side.. So four or five years old, has been feeding to eat. The toys you often buy are handguns and cars, riding on small benches, and riding a simple tricycle was broken before you were three years old.. Your playmates are Ma ‘an, Yuan Yuan and Hou ‘an. Ma ‘an is three years older than you, Hou ‘an is one year older than you, Yuan Yuan is eight months younger than you. The horse egg is the commander and the god in your mind! Yuan yuan, though small, is taller than you. every time you wrestle, three times five divided by two, you dry him down, but people refuse to accept him and always pester you to wrestle.. Hou’s eggs are strong and often bully you and the garden. Fortunately, Ma’s eggs are good-natured and protect both of you.. Once I showed you around the county department store. The first time I saw a beautiful bicycle in the store, you wailed loudly and couldn’t walk away. This surprised me greatly and certainly attracted the attention of customers.. Since then, you have your own bike. Later Hou egg and yuan yuan bought bicycles, and you became the school martial arts team of tongshan junior high school, speeding through the courtyard. once you crashed your bike into the big sister’s bag at the school gate, you even lost your temper to others.!   When you went to kindergarten, you didn’t go anyway. Dad, Mom and Grandpa took turns to accompany you for a whole week. In the years from kindergarten to the third grade of primary school, your game talent made Torre I sincerely admire, playing the four corners, Zakaka, winning and sneaking … Ah Ma ‘an, Hou ‘an, Yuan Yuan Yuan, and Han ‘an, who are many years older than you at the school gate, have all become your defeated generals one by one.. In the freezing and snowy days when the north wind blows, adults huddle at home and rub their hands and call them cold, but you are waving your arms and playing selflessly.! On one occasion, a child from a cookhouse visited you unexpectedly and played the game of Zakaka. I didn’t expect you to lose miserably and face flushed with anger. I really don’t know if you took it at that time, but I clearly felt that it was your first game of frustration and the family was smaller than you.. When I was three years old in the spring, I took you to play in the Donghe River in Shangbao Village. For the first time, you took home a large handful of shrimp mixed with aquatic plants in plastic bags. The next weekend, you and your companions sneaked into the Donghe River again. When you came back, the plastic bags contained a black tadpole. In the third week, you finally caught a few small fish and took them home with water bottles.. Your progress surprised dad, but then you got a bad cold . ah.You have never been able to break into the top five in your study. You are only about ten out of twenty students in the class.. Li Huanhuan, Zhang Jiakai, Shi Youwei . Ah, always top of the list.   In the fourth grade of primary school, you followed your mother into the county seat and went to the new primary school.. At that time, the games often played were poker, yo-yo and online games. The playmates downstairs were Wu Yifan, Zhang Guodong and Xi Wenjiang.. The yo-yo was influenced by TV. At that time, a movie and TV play of yo-yo game prevailed.. You will imitate the action of the long TV competition and practice repeatedly, throwing, turning, lifting and swinging the purple and purple blue yo-yo over time and the electric fire will fly.! Looking at your skillful game, Torre is also happy in his heart. Later, with the computer, I don’t know how you learned to ask a question in one fell swoop, and it was team work, killing and killing all the way and upgrading step by step, all the way up to level 80 or 90. One number is not enough, and several numbers are still played.. One of the most impressive things in primary school is that you still sobbed when your class lost a tug-of-war match and came home.. I was surprised to see you sad. Maybe you can’t afford to lose the team because of everything in the game world.. When you were in junior six, you pestered your mother to buy an adult bicycle. From then on, you rode your bike to and from school, and from time to time you brought along nearby alumni..   In Yuanqu Junior High School, you became a soldier under Mom’s command. The class is full of talents and ranks only in the top ten. But you also don’t want to lag behind. Every endorsement always wants to compete with others. Mom takes extra care of you and asks you to memorize every word. On one occasion, Mom asked you to memorize several times in a row. You tore the book to pieces and fell to the ground in a fit of anger, making Mom very embarrassed.! When you were in grade three, you couldn’t stand the harsh demands of the English teacher and collided with it. The injured mother quickly explained and communicated with Miss Wang.. The study was extremely tense, but your game never stopped. You fell in love with DID Not Finish on weekends and holidays! At the time of graduation from the senior high school, you entered Yuanqu Middle School with the result of the 90th place in the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty..   During the period of Yuanqu Middle School, I expected a lot from you, but I didn’t know much about it, and I didn’t meet the teacher in charge. In high school, you enjoyed basketball and online novels, and of course did not finish the did not finish. At a parent-teacher meeting, I saw the sentence you left me: ” Dad, I will never live up to your expectations, and I will certainly be your pride.”! ‘ Tears filled my eyes at that time, and immediately replied, ” Son, you have long been my pride, and I hope you will continue to work hard with anger and strength.”! Maybe the study task is too serious, or the exam results before the college entrance examination are too ideal, so that you are smug and get carried away on the eve of the college entrance examination. when you go home on the weekend, you should go to the internet bar game to appoint a national fund, and you can’t listen to family’s exhortations. you left the exam the week before you went to the examination room.. At the end of the college entrance examination, you failed to get into one of the ranks. You were enrolled in Donghua Institute of Technology for your negligence in filling in your wish, and your tuition is more than 10,000 yuan per year..   The notice came, and your family advised you to resume your studies. You simply refused to send you to Nanchang Donghua University of Technology on September 8, 2013, and your girlfriend kept calling all the way. I realized that your love time must not be short.. I don’t want to say anything if I study hard. When I leave, I just charge you to follow your own path and know for yourself.! During the winter vacation and summer vacation, students gather, friends play and girlfriends talk. You spend a little more than in school, and you always eat outside.. From time to time, you will continue your designated national fund, that is, you will not review the books related to the school’s major, and even if you bring them occasionally, you will only make a long journey for the books.. In less than three months last winter, you successfully obtained your driver’s license! You have always been a strong and decent person. Of course, you can’t lose your chain when you dress and eat, and you can’t fall behind when you fall in love.. But what dad wants to tell you is that the plaything is dead! Parents can’t accompany you for a lifetime. Games are good, but life may not be good.. Son, you have to be self-reliant and self – reliant, and you have to have excellent survival skills! Life is still a little simple, the ancients said,’ frugal to cultivate virtue, quiet to cultivate one’s morality. ‘ From thrift to extravagance is easy, from extravagance to thrift is difficult, and extravagance is not good for your future.   On the eve of the Spring Festival, your nickname on WeChat suddenly changed to ” pig with one abdominal muscle”. Your mother and I were greatly puzzled, perhaps playing with novelty, but it reflects your attitude towards life.. Perhaps it was the family dinner on the second day of the New Year that touched your heart? It’s also the influence of the school environment. After entering the school, your nickname changed to ” hard work”! At first it was Chinese, then it was changed into English, and then it became’ start again’!   The prodigal son will not change his money when he returns, and then he will be the choice of the life path of joining the army and taking part in the postgraduate examination.. Son, one’s deceased father grind is absolutely right. Family members and relatives are pleased with your changes and choices. A good man has broken down the city and pulled out the village, showing the momentum of playing games when you were a child. Torre firmly believes that you can make further progress in your studies.!   Come on! Son. awei, come on!