And it is fragrant peaches and plums

“Peach blossoms, apricot defeat”, entered the spring in March, all kinds of flowers like a game, me play it on you, if accidentally, will miss the season as a. Mo March, most hikers is the season of flowers, fragrant eyes, and sometimes was a bit confused, especially in the winter, boring people for a long time, but also contain himself longing for spring, have moved to the wilderness. Sometimes, to see parks, attractions around the crowded grand, made me somewhat intimidating; therefore, in this season, over the years, I have chosen the way to travel, back to my home. My home in northern Jiangsu Lunan Interchange, east of the world-famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, south cypresses lush looking mother mountain, north of years of ancient civilization – liangwang City.Here away from the city, away from the hustle and bustle, yard, is many people’s minds tourist attraction; spring flowers, apricot peach pear opening sequence, mountains and plains of canola flower, open free to bloom, not a little pretentious, in picturesque hometown the field lanes walk, really, like in a picture in, I would often linger. Because the old house, because of childhood memories, although many years away from home, this piece of their homeland, I still cherished; every time the first rays of spring canal bank, weeping willow slightest breeze, the silence of the home from the winter wake-up dream, I dream of homesickness begins. From elementary school to junior high school, no exaggeration to say that my way to school is in the beauty of the home, the finish of.At that time, no bikes, no mooring oil, from my home to school, take the canal weir below the road, is the nearest road to school. Dream childhood memories, school ever walked along the meandering path across two bridges, went to school I have learned; high walls, new buildings, where it is also there are childhood memories of the way.From high school to college, there are so many twists and turns of life, a child’s school had become blurred in my memory, even I can not remember a time she used to look like.Yes, since taken this school, I actually have been unable to come back, thirty years time, several times to blossom, my teacher as well as students these days?I sometimes some Yuning choke. At that time, the students did not watch at home, go to school time, thanks to their own grasp.Sometimes to the school or the sky and stars, and sometimes, outside beautiful spring blooming peach and plum, we have no time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, hurriedly ran to the school. It is said that the first half people are used to dream of, and the second is used to recall; since my parents died, I found myself beginning, some nostalgia, “near his homeland more cowardly,” my family, my childhood friend, and I remember a fresh life, quietly bid farewell to this world, left me longing, sadness and memories.So, even outside long spring, every step from the pace of home, but no longer as relaxed. A few days ago, I received a student’s phone, saying that our primary school class room teacher died, several students ready to go before the Ching Ming sweep, asked me to do?I was on the Mongolia, how could?That smiling, take care of my house has been caring teacher, died?The bad news from my real grief, back to a distant era schoolchildren. Middle-aged people, always sad than sweet memories of the past.At that time, I would be in school a good student, good grades, but more naughty, the memory of my class room teacher, is not all sub-tall and a little extra baggage, whether the spring and summer, all with a little top that fade hat, always riding a bike rack bike I am familiar with the great big deer, but did not before and after the masonry, brakes, of course, with their feet. Said to be familiar with, because the room is relatively far from the school teacher’s house, riding a bike every day to get to school Deer large, and we are in the process of walking to school, the teacher room all day, we pass by the village.Thanks to a special room teacher love, naughty me, every encounter room teacher when riding a bike to school, I’ll jump on the back seat of his bike, then followed the teacher went to school; that time, students they met with the teacher was afraid, not to mention the teacher contacted, only I have this privilege.So my classmates jealous that I made up the room the teacher’s godson. At that time, my good grades, after the teacher made under simulation papers, I was always the first to finish.Room teacher, took the papers and I do students go to answer, because, believe me room teacher was right, so I’m not satisfied with the place, give me a nickname, called “standard answer”.Of course, special treatment did not eat, did not suffer less criticism. Once, on the way from school, just in time for the canal’s pumping station pumping irrigation rice fields, went bathing in the river, the result was found the next class of female teachers, told him that once, was left standing in the sun; we have a few more unpopular in mind, the next day, we catch a snake, on the female teacher’s desk, the teacher was frightened, of course, the result is, we have a few miserable fate. We were to go to school, usually eaten in the morning to the afternoon came home from school and then eat.For a small, but active, not home for dinner at noon, is hungry, house the teacher usually morning noon lunch brought from home, so his wife to prepare meals, I was no less benefit from them, often thought here, I have some guilt, when small, do not know the kind, I do not know how the teacher lunch scrape together a living. All of this seems, is a man I have the privilege, at the teacher’s house pet and teach, I honors, admitted to the junior high school, because they did not go back to his alma mater, plus junior high school learning busy, has been there is no room to see the teacher.The last time I saw him, I was a third-year results to be published, I went to school to see the list, go to school teacher work room; that year because I language exam, two sentences two essays, I only see one sentence, write less half essay, with the loss of key schools at the turn back.At that time, the room teacher severely criticized me, that tone, that expression I still remember today.Although I left the teacher for three years, but he still was still worried about me, I care about me, at that time, I was ashamed. I really appreciate the teachers room was heartfelt words and encouragement, I went to the front farther dream, from college to work, from the busy life to occasional leisure time, look back; I did not expect a teacher and another room is thirty for many years, back room teacher retirement, children live together with their children, because the could not reach him, so we actually had not been met, it became the biggest regret of my heart. Is the hometown of the season of flowers, fragrant peaches and plums are blooming, just, people have changed, and my return trip home, but it is in such a “pedestrians Deep Sorrow” Return of the season; miss you, my mentor, I really did not expect a do thirty years ago, was actually the last side of life, I actually failed to give any teacher reward, but mentoring separated Yin and Yang, others can not understand this pain, I was the only And I know a man. Hua Xie, and will re-open, the fruit picked, there will be another knot; year after year, every spring, the home of peaches and plums fragrance always remains the same, but those of us wandering the horizon from home, all the time miss the plants and trees hometown, one thing is when a person fragrant peaches and plums, teachers, students miss you.