1096 farewell with tears hurt

Today, the Lunar New Year’s Day is every Chinese family busiest, happiest traditional festival.It has been floating in the air with a strong festive atmosphere.    She finished on the third floor of morning exercise, walking to the living room, ready to pour yourself a cup of salt water to wash the intestines.Line of sight for the first time to quickly scan the stairs at the corner of the door is still closed doors, door lived a man, the law is still in the “husband” who perhaps are sleeping right?Yes, there are Hansheng come out from under the door.This and their own lives for a whole 18 years of men, searched every corner of the body, I could not find any trace of him left behind.    Farthest distance in the world, not the ends of the earth, but in daily life every day, two people simply do not feel each other’s presence!This is not a kind of sorrow?!Is this the gift you give marriage?    One kind of returning to the pain coming slowly down the heel up, opened that road scars covering frozen in the depths of her soul, she could not bear to look at, not memorable.Days like this, is not suitable for these “Movement”!This day is used to enjoy, otherwise you really feel sorry for myself friends!    Thought here, she hurriedly went into the kitchen with a sweet white wine to fill his belly first ear wire.Mom said New Year’s Day must eat dessert after eating sweet sweet honey on it all year round.Then, come up with a good tea, wash well, brewing.Filled a large glass of holding a full, came on the third floor spacious balcony, smelling the aroma Chunlan, won just bought “Yu Dan” and “new solution” Analects of Confucius, lying on the big rocking chair, filled with the passion of the zither notes, the swaying of enjoying the caress of the warm sun of spring…..    With the penetration of the sun’s heat, the slightest chill suddenly flows from the heart, every nerve of the body of the late take along.She felt the sting.It turned out that those who could not withstand the sadness frozen warm sun, slowly melting, constantly rising up into the cold air, evaporation.Pain instantly enveloped her entire body, these gases increasingly strong impact on her mind and body, increasing in concentration, turned into a stream flow in Orbital, she felt difficulty breathing and mind , click, click.Dry Leiquan finally rushed furious tears open, tears running down his cheeks burst Pentium, one, two, three.Full 1096.    Through this dolphin or dark or black or red tears, she clearly has clearly saw his first step when the derailment – that he lied and changed because of panic, eyes adrift.Just a moment, Fengyun tears will fall into the ground, into a blooming black rose, a blink of an eye without a trace.Once stored in the vacancy at the heart of Fengyun tears, also will re-grow a thriving new red cells, and slowly fill the gap, the pain disappeared.    Cloudy appearing next to the second teeth tear from the right eye color context pop, birds hanging next to the nose.This is the lies he was exposed, her heart split splash of red blood cells left over, just because they do not support the life and become a black and red, of course, there is no feeling of pain, but rather he frequented when the bathroom, and I saw her eyes when left in the awkward expression on his face.brush.These expressions are also with the Fengyun tears drop, never deleted from the memory of her picture out.    Third satellite, no shiny black tears, it occupies a third of her mind, it slowly along the left box set aside a heavy, hanging in the mouth.In this moment from the moment of her body she felt intense shaking a few times, hit bang, fell to the ground, leaving a large black marks.In this black composition, there she was awakened after midnight his poor Putonghua, standing in his doorway Xinrudaoge all night, shivering numerous gray lonely figure; he had told her he fell in love with someone else when, she parotid gland roar, a loss of physical and mental birth control; of course, that his so-called new lover askew countenance rape her eyes and she gave him that mess of garbage.Now lying here, will soon be wiped out, and disappear into thin air, never fell off from her heart.    Although she knows so much so deep pit, and nutrients required a lot of time to fill, but she was confident in yourself, believe they have the ability to mend this gap, let her resume as soon as possible.In this way, each drop a tear, to alleviate the pain a little soul.Fourth teeth, fifth stars.1096 full-year freeze her pain tears, melted in the burning sun of the New Year’s Day 2007, completely stripped from the depths of her soul opened, fell to the ground, evaporate and disappear into thin air run out.    He was “not normal”, she and her first conversation to a full three years now, this is the correct term she gave him from discovery.Why give him a three-year term correction, only she knows.    Now, the three-year period is up, she wanted to fulfill their commitments.    After a long sigh, and that she gave him a three-year affair she sent a message: I put him transferred to you anyway, I wish you happiness!    Husband!Let me call you right last time.She wanted to tell him that she had no hate for him, and no love.Now it is not, and will not be!Since the fate done, give each other a smile inclusive understanding of it, held out his hand clasped each other about, goodbye!Let our body and mind to zero, as they have never met, met, love….They have two unrelated people, walked on the road in their pursuit of happiness.Love, there is no right or wrong, fate done waved goodbye!