To be continued in the second story

Then the last chapter of the story to be continued.At this moment my mood is depressed, if I can give some background music, I hope it is a fairy tale, the best has been circulating, the fairy tale is a lie, I can not be your angel.Yes, I can not be her angel.      After more than a semester to get along, pretty girls and I became friends, she called Ye Li.Of course, just friends.I may have been stuck in the mud of the Cock wire inside can not get out, so hit the goddess always inferior, I can not show a little bit of love, the girl is someone’s White Swan?Anyway, not my home, and even a fairy tale, toad did not eat swan meat.Not to mention the reality.So I decided to keep a distance from her, so I self-assertion, and inviting sad.Of course, I am not a whim, such a decision is the trigger point.      I was a good enough look handsome not ugly but also to modified human.So usually okay, but the goddess and to stand together, I think that’s not style.But I can not, does not mean others does not work, such as Liu Yubin.He is my friend, the beginning I did not want to be his friend, no other reason, jealous, handsome long long high even, not every sister is the appearance Association, but he will several instruments , particularly magnetic voice, understand things and more.The key is also particularly good person.So good that a man is to stand out, when he intends to be your friend when, even if it is a normal sexual orientation of men is not good to refuse.So we became friends, and his friends, although it will lead to my inferiority in all respects, but it is not that welfare does not have, at least to see the beauty not filled with swinging, with his back on it.      Friends of friends is very easy to become a friend, not a word called feather flock together Well, it leaves Lee and Liu Yubin go with the flow of become friends.Two good people, will attract each other, can talk topics are particularly high, but I could not get it, nothing, do not understand.They play together, if so, I will take the initiative to back away.Lest I embarrassed.      If he is only a little better than me, or how I was a little bit of perseverance and courage of a man, my choice would be to fight.However, very clever, I’m not, I used to escape and give up on such a thing, because it is simple, do not bother, do not waste emotional.And a combination of beautiful people even God did not have the heart to destroy, not to mention They are my friends.So I decided to give up, I bought a snowflake beer and half a chicken, a bag of peanuts, prepare a drunk, anyway drama which played the lovelorn are so.Returned to the bedroom, did not turn on the lights, moonlight outside the window drilled in, very quiet, nice atmosphere.Then I began to eat, two bottles of snow you’ll feel, I feel dizzy, old Jin really big snow.Then I said wake climbed into bed and fell asleep.Incidentally, that day is the birthday of Lee leaves.      The next day, I woke up and found that there are several missed calls, Ye Li, as well as Liu Yubin’s.I thought, after all, did not return calls.Then continue drowsy and fell asleep.So when I would wake up, wake up hungry, and read the next time, have a thirty-eight past one p.m..No matter how kind of mood, always have to eat, so I got up and brushed his teeth left, I know I’m ugly state, but the drama inside the lovelorn people do.Open the phone, there are several leaves Lee’s phone, I think I have to see opened, give back to later, less than three seconds pass, and I have not come and speak, hurriedly came across Ye Li’s voice, a king, how do you?Has not received a call, ask your roommate said you drunk, why do you drink ah?Is there a problem?Hear this, I feel sour nose, I think I’m too narrow, even if she does not like me, do not you friends?!I wanted to say something, but could not say, opposite another reminder again, say ah?Yi Wang?What happened to you?I hesitated, and finally we can only say, all right, ah, I’m a little hungry, go to the cafeteria to eat.He hung up the phone.Hoarse voice, not my intention to install a deep, really drunk.      So I went to the cafeteria, I discovered has been a point of the meal, although there are to eat, but I did not want to eat, I’ll just buy two packets of instant noodles, ready to go back, the front door to see Lee came to a leaf in her hand, carrying a lunch box, chicken curry and rice, as well as a soup.She took me straight back to the canteen, really pull, the first time I pull into her hand, I am very happy, but more or sad, after all, does not belong to me.She took me into the cafeteria after the lunch boxes placed directly in front of me, put away instant noodles, said something to eat, then stared at me, I looked at her wide-eyed and grumpy look, did not dare to speak, buried up to eat.She is now away from me so close, I could smell her faint scent.Feel very warm, very moved, I really want to do something for her sense of heaven and earth to do, but I find that sad, I could not even fight for her love without the courage.Soup is warm, there are dates and medlar, stomach very comfortable, and my heart more comfortable, some sour nose.      Soon I finished and looked up, looked at Ye Li, always think she look good, even if it is now grumpy look.I smiled, I knew that she was training me, but I was so cheap, I’m looking forward to.Sure enough, it leaves a bad mood Lee spoke, laughing laughing, you are so adult, so how or do not fly, do not know ourselves a little better do?This time there is no canteen to eat you do not know ah?Takeout will not do, every day, those days, yes, you also learn to drink, and also drunk?Encountered what happened, you have to drink in order to solve?Ye Li Shuiliaoyikuai, see I always smile, I feel the state does not, then stopped and said, this mistaken attitude is very good, you tell me about how you now!      I was very happy, I carefully listen to her a single word of my training, to feel her concern for me, I am very happy.I resumed look Xipixiaolian then he kept the smirk, she was fire, snapped hit me head, I still giggle, get her somehow, then I’ve done my life, I bravest thing , kissing her?No, I Modan, but do not dare hold her, pulled her face is good at it, really slippery, and then I ran.She also somehow, found that after a while I take advantage of her, and wanted to come and teach me, I have to run farther.Silly.      I do not know what will happen tomorrow, maybe I will, as always pessimistic and timid, low self-esteem has been a Cock wire, but at this moment I am very happy, maybe I never would say to her that I love her, lest she embarrass but, I will always keep in her side.wish her well.      The story still happen, I hope tomorrow will be better, at least she better.