Experience of life difficult for water

Once you loved me, I loved you.Once you miss me, I miss you so.Once you warm me, and I had you warm.Love had really beautiful!Although there have been very short-term pain.But often I think there will be a lingering hint of happiness.    Have you accompany nice day.We have often thought of in the past.Once you standing in the corner and smiled at me.You smile like the sun as it infected me, warm me.I did not hesitate and let your hand through a life journey.Although we can not be together, but the heart is warm to each other.At that time, I suddenly feel my world is so beautiful.Once encounter know and love light up my heart light, warm and all happened in the past.Because of you, my life happier.Because of you, my heart started to get warm.Because of you, my world began to color.Somewhere, you’re my man to the edge several times reincarnation.You’re my previous life as a bird and reclamation Yan, my past life that you had planted lotus.My life to show elegant appearance.And you were continued past life unfulfilled love.    Meet a drunk leading edge, wind and rain scattered, floating in the air where?Impermanence of life, the vicissitudes of life.That day you left me helpless.I’m speechless.When love is gone, silence is the best interpretation.Poly edge scattered edge of the water, love is not who is right, but who is there who should go is a love called to let go, love a way out, to love freedom, you free.Because loved, I was alone oath to bury the past.In tears about to fall instantly turned to leave.This time you are gone, lonely road Bianxiang extend on both sides, has been extended to my heart.    Dream Whispering solitary left pillow, Review smile wind to do, how many vicissitudes meaning undying!Life on the road is like walking.Along the way you will enjoy the many scenic.Miss are the most beautiful scenery, the deepest wound is the most real emotions.Whose heart will always be filled with who?Who who accompany a lifetime?Who Who really seriously?Who really feel bad for whom?Once thought to be accompanied by long, long time but fleeting, once thought love love oath if in the ears.Once the end of time but difficult ground against a hurt feelings.Dream will one day wake up, love will one day grow old.To stay in the heart after all those beautiful or sad memories of Bale!    The worth of all earthly reincarnation, when people wake Recalling Past.When you go I do not send you, because I’m afraid I can not help but look back you.Because I am afraid that they will let go of your hand.If a person would swallow my tears, if I have to learn to live with pain.Because I want to be strong.Because you have loved.Love you, I will bless you.I love you, I will you happiness!    once having seen the best, the rest is not worthwhile looking.I love you, love a whole once.I love you broken a land of promise.You left me when mind whether there will be a touch of sadness?After years later, do you still remember a person to have been happy you happiness, joy over your happiness?As if there is enough.You came, my love, life without regret, no regrets love!