Pick up a pen, shaking his head with a wry smile.  Quiet thoughts in the text, soaked Aging, write a paragraph whisper mood, feel relieved.  Mood gradually slowed, carefully read what is written in the past, that kind of contradiction everywhere.By frame filled with words, it is the same absurd boring.Only the space, it has a vaguely hope of a better.—— Inscription, the other side of the moon.  (A) woke up, I was awakened to the window of the cicadas.  Summer morning, the sound of cicadas ears haunt their sleep.Among these cities, rarely heard cicadas, there is no past memory of the leisure fun, but always gives a helpless anxiety upset.The more you think of a lie-in, enjoy good taste woke up leisurely, loud cicadas happens during this time off the haunt.And a weekend morning, is to start at the sound of cicadas, that dream vaguely kept a dash of sweet mood, but also get a little irritable.  In recent years, every summer will hear cicadas.This downtown do not hear the cicadas, a symbolic effect generated by the transformation of the urban landscape a, is to improve the environment of the city.Now living in the city, there is an artificial river winds through downtown, had clear water gradually turbid, it is pollution at sewage pipes on both sides of the river bank erosion clouds.Without fresh fish, not the flow of clear water, and have lost that old dream flower river scene.  The rapid development of society, the same concept is changing.The original river, now transformed into urban green space, it was hid in the thick cement cover river.Missing a few muddy river, more than a few green city gardens, shrubs and flowers level of patchwork, decorated with endless traffic flow of city life, but also more than a dash of excitement cicadas.Perhaps this morning when the cicadas cry, awakened childhood memories of the river frolic scene.  Every summer, always want to sleep in on weekends, when it will be disturbed by a few rare heard cicadas, the kind of reluctant irritable mood early, more miss the past living in the river scene.  If I tell you, in all those places had green river below, you can see the fish swimming freely, to see the shrimp out of the water, as well as in the summer of upstream flood rushing to crab, you might I would ask: can you see?Is it really?  (B) Is that right?Life, you and I are always full of such doubts.  In the long river of life, every stop, look back in the past, always hesitant, everything in front of examining owned.As if the reality of the real thing, all have many dreams suddenly remember the scene.It is brilliant gorgeous flowers?Or lotus against the background of quiet beauty?Everything happened in front of real life, still seem so unreal and confused.  Frequent doubt and uncertainty about the future concerns, often ask yourself whether the reality is that right?  That past water gurgling river, once happy childhood playing in the water, only memories of the old days.This is a beautiful memory of all life, all traces of the old days.Because the good old days, can not be copied, all the good scenarios that period of time are left to their own wealth.And everything once familiar, in a situation can not be proven, all real, unreal and have become increasingly confused.  Are real nice, the same scene is a need to warm things to remember past.Not the same scene can wake up memories of association, people are unable to meet all their dream of hope.This is the reality of the real!  Real real life, we can not stop to look at the.Sometimes hesitation and confusion, are in fact real life give us wealth.We are all in this mood, to cherish the simple life we have today.Now have a better life, it is that we always want to achieve this dream.  There is a pleasant dream, life was more real.  (C) has a natural waking habits are happy!  It comes naturally like such a state of mind, I’m in your life, in the pursuit of this warm and his good habits.Always do not care what you already have, but deliberate desire to realize the dream of so-called romantic vision.  Like lost, people came to realize that what is cherished in the same sorry.Originally a very ordinary dull life, that kind of secretly happy mood, often accompany their every waking naturally comfortable, it seems that you have it every day I get!  Attributed to natural simple life, to give up the actual desire vain, whenever he woke up in the mood, so beautiful and have met.If you have a dream companions, it would be more happy!  (Iv) the existence of good and real, this is the usual and less to our attention.These are free to have things, we are able to grasp things every day.I feel like you do not feel the reality presented to us is true, this is commonplace.As the thirsty to drink boiled water, is the most able to meet the body needs, but also the most generic one.  The river of time, have experienced emotional, how like this everyday life boiled water.I have, want to give up.Give up, eager to again have.  Dreams, reality, intertwined with the real and unreal.  All of treasure to have, or give up after once again eager to want to have it, I will give you time such an opportunity, we are willing to accept the gift of fate again given?You would have to ask his own heart.If you could blessing time again, you have to cherish ah!Because missed, you might never be able to have.  Exhale, what would remember?What should we forget?  (E) summer morning, this intermittent sound of cicadas stopped.Bright sunshine outside the window, warm light reveals a warm, generous Chung scorching heat wave.Lanjue sleep thinking a while, so once again become a new desire.  The next weekend, it can have a more looking forward to the warm hope it.  The quiet beauty of time, go slowly flowing, there have been pleasant comfortable beautiful, and there have been lonely bitter remorse.And every waking, ponder some things remain in the depths of memory, we still have a warm own green hope.Also has its own splendid good mood soft sweet memories.  Lost, get, always true and clear.All mood is changing over time, in correcting the way they were going to start walking.Willing, or unwilling, a new day, and thus began the sound of cicadas in the troubled.When all eyes will be the memories of the time.Can do, and the only real dull day today, is their own should cherish it.  Such a life, not that you yourself desired?  - the other side of the moon, the first draft was written on July 29, 2012.The second draft was written on April 5, 2013.