I also eat eggs in soil at home growing up, I remember a certain period of birthday, my mother gave me sixteen sub-soil eggs, because the meal meal down to eat at home, I keep thinking of eating chicken standing in ranks instead rooster crow, called to give slightly, really in chickens called a few back, cock-known fan dance wings, feather rooster feathers are red, looks pretty bright beautiful.Slightly to give joy.So my eggs in soil is sold to the shop supply and marketing cooperatives, in exchange for more than a pound of cotton, sugar eat, my sweet honey birthday.Mothers brown sugar on more precious, is used for confinement.    I have a chance to town in the country, to express their horizons in the city’s shops, were rolling, then you have seen the beautiful egg, but the petite young, did not have to carefully, there is no mention of eating problems, ignored passed.Such as the city, heard people say that when egg, how beautiful, delicious, think of the size of the eggs and the like have eaten in the countryside, and even a nest of eggs on the roof of the house the hills, and there have been scored on the pot cooked eat.Egg can not remember how delicious, moist delicious.    I think that egg, which is beautiful Songhua River, Songhua River is beautiful, has a beautiful pine hymn, occasionally when the window frost has beautiful Songhua snow rhyme, beauty and northeast China in winter.”On the Songhua River” are songs on the Chinese people’s feelings, has been singing for over twenty years, the television has been of someone singing, I sing when there is a mood, sang the provincial capital of Harbin Sun Island.There has been no egg to sing.    Chance of one day a year, the child’s mother happy, happy in the market around, go to the egg, the egg leather duck, duck egg blue and green blue, I thought it was fresh duck eggs, got home fine look thin, mottled skin point, like leather cooked.Cry eat, Bang Bang sound, it opened a leather pier eggs, did not cook, I’m surprised, but fortunately is cooked.Peel me look thin, this fun egg, not cooked duck, not the white of an egg, cough, colored translucent black can get a glimpse of the yellow yolk of an egg, cough, interesting, flower egg blue, also there is preserved, good-looking, good-looking, ah right, right right right, yes egg na.Beautiful, eye candy, so it must be egg.After reading, I eat thin, sweet taste, Songnen, rosin tender.Dipped in vinegar to eat.Thin dipped in vinegar, eat more sweet, how much I was dipped in a soy sauce, wow, plus more delicious.Food.    So, I went to the market stroll, with the extra money in the pocket of vegetables, eat more rank or grade a year back beautiful egg.Do not eat when you think of the beautiful Songhua egg into hibernation.This is the Songhua River in northeast China have a thick layer of frozen ice, on the frozen Songhua River.A frozen Songhua River water, the ice will have beautiful Songhua into the Songhua my dream, out of the window as well as a lengthy Mimi pines sound.Morning sunrise, red and yellow of the egg yolk of the egg has color, egg yolk Here is a beautiful dark green eggs and let in light lands, Heilongjiang land.Run all have preserved the black lands.    If you are like, buy fired several eat, sweet goods products food, I heard myself, not simple process.How much add a little vinegar to eat, remember.