drifting bottle

—- like this document to my friends painted bottle dressed in waves thrown out, I do not know whether there will be precipitation treasures millennium rush back?  All due to the curious, all due to random.    Then gently on a show of hands, he raised his eyebrows, put this earthly fate arbitrarily throw.Mood is lazy, as the setting sun, also dressed in the form of burnout lazy, dreamy share life’s soft, like a willow Qingbai, he spent the spring season of rebirth.    Such as at the bottom of the wave season, it seems that none of your business.  Wind is still kept, the waves are still high, the waves waves stretch, curl waves, such as the dragon somersault, one will be surfaced, sank for a while, constantly flashing light pouring sparkling scales from wandering away.    Intangible figure, Xi Yi, fantasy and folding verse, constantly impact, blending, from the phase.You gently with a net salvage the fate of thousands of people from the network.Inadvertently ushered in, sent the moment, in turn follow quietly into the sea, quietly visit.    Perhaps, the only fate for this moment, a moment of broken language; perhaps passing, such as bloom of fireworks, bright moment; perhaps in the minds of surplus natural life forget Qiannian, a look back, turned around, the focus of the whole world are beginning to change.    Shallow whisper, nothing to do love affair, only to a “margin”, to faint, go quietly.    No sighs, no retain, despite the ebb and flow, despite Huakaihuaxie, drifting away footsteps, and eventually became a period of banter, a blank empty bottle, I only hope share music unreal, unreal strange, unreal warm It can spread in the endless sun and the moon in.