Do not do beauty lady

Who is over 30 years old, my heart will rarely care about what sort of person.Although more and more friends, but they did not ingratiate themselves with few.Help others, since Sekihisa habit forming, it may not necessarily be out of passion.Poor memory, passers-by called my name, I was greeted with, I do not know who the people are.In this way they sometimes awkward.Reunions, stronger when I say primary school, admit defeat.Junior high school when I say smart, talented quiet.When I say high school college, cute and connotation, quite memorable.These are the eyes of others I.  On one occasion, and on the phone when a classmate in high school, we have not seen for many years, she graduated from the university, and followed her boyfriend to the field work.They were talking for a long time, like old times again turning.For many of life’s frustration, I angrily said a bad word, did not think she was very surprised, and even said I did not think like such a gentle person will say bad words, then immediately hung up the phone.I regret, that he had accidentally destroyed the wonderful memories of her stay in my.Visible in the eyes of others, I have always been educated lady, with my own understanding of yourself is not the same.It’s like two people in love, once separated, it is best never goodbye.In addition to disappointing or disappointed because goodbye, but even the last to remain in the memory of the initial share of good have are taken off, it really makes terror.  A child, I have a home east of the river, drowning when he was young my father was flooded, was fortunate rescued.It also engulfed me better things, like my ball, my new sandals, my scarf.So I’m afraid it.This year the car from its side after it had dried into a loess, does not seem so terrible previously thought, a melancholy at heart.Is my ponies have grown, well-informed of the reason it?  So far, the real beauty in the sense I’ve ever seen, not many, this may be too high to do with my aesthetic taste.Wang first beauty I know, is a youth.Er Yi with my best friends.Young point (educated youth who live in the house, young countryman called points) cold and damp, so Wang who played a lot of rash, my grandmother was very distressed her, let her move to his home to live with my aunt who with a few.She was young when I come into contact with a rare beauty.My mother is beautiful, but because it is a familiar sight, so I’m not strong enough shock.I used to fantasize about her countless times, as she also has beautiful eyes moist, her face as white.To learn, when no one even her habitual pout, I have been secretly himself in the mirror over and over again exercise.That is the real mere copycat.But all are “black-box”, no one knows.Alas, I was seven years old this little woman is so eager myself looking forward to grow up quickly and secretly vowed, must grow more beautiful girl than the king.My ideal is not a rootless data, I said before, my mother was also born beautiful.Mother with her daughter, perfectly justified.Paul allowed after eighth change, I really this ugly duckling into a swan of it!With the junior partner when playing house, I always say that they Wang, because of her, that Wang, in my opinion are beautiful and mysterious.Of course, more than I like her, the village school-age young men did not crush her not.My grandmother kept such a heart, because my uncles was also none of marriage.Of course, it came to nothing, because of her premature back to the city’s sake.  Suddenly one day with normal heart to see her, because when I go to bed at night, she heard a fart, very smelly.(As obsessed with her, so the total sleep in the closest town to her).Wang was born a girl so beautiful, is simply otherworldly fairy.The fairy with us humans are essentially different from the!I was a fan of her, and she, even fart, and casually when she was in the same gods before me put.When I put this unusual to talk with my little friends, they who do not believe, I was still innocent nonsense.Finally, we unanimously decided to track the king girl, have caught red-handed, in order to prove what I said is not groundless.Of course, this arduous task is given to the never lie Xiao Lian.Xiao Lian dutifully fulfill their mission, less than two days there will be a harvest.According to Xiao Lian she says, she not only heard the king fart girl, also saw her shit.Finally, it concluded unanimously that, the girl is the king and people like us, but we are more than just good looking.While these are some of the stupid things we did in childhood, but the result, but I know the truth, all things are beautiful and we have a distance, that distance is not born there, but our own to set up their own.Once the distance to break, it will lose its inherent beauty of mystery.  Since childhood, there is the aesthetic standards, so grow up, I do not easily boast beautiful people.Walking down the street, there are a lot of nice people, but the natural beauty or very few.I have a beautiful family, my aunt grandmother is beautiful, my mother was a beauty, are the cream of the crop in good-looking.I look good, I like my dad.My mother was tall, I was relatively short, to put it nicely it, called the small size.I was very young at the time of low self-esteem, because no matter how hard I try to exercise, height has not exceeded one meter six, but also fat.May be associated with endocrine disorders that time.20-year-old is over, I surprisingly thin down, probably teenagers know the real depression because of it!My mother said I was with my grandfather, was a little man.But I have my strengths, my face pale, delicate skin, brain smart, articulate.30 years old, she is still neither fat nor thin, convex, my friends ask me the secret of weight loss, I said I was not greedy mouth, do not like sweets, do not like greasy, such as drowsiness and never return.Not to mention the secret, just a bit of experience.Because I’m afraid, my old beauty (my mother) have become greedy Snooze diabetes, I do not want a few years later I also like her.Preventive measures, you have to start now, when 2009 comes, I placed myself hope for good health, from smoking, do not despair, do not pessimistic, more reading and writing articles to make more money.Now that beauty can not do, then do it in the eyes of a real lady, right.