Confucius travel through Hawks Town

Confucius travel through Hawks Town since the emperor of the line Ru grave country, Ye County Ye County Zunhua achievements of the ages, until the emergence of Confucius, the sequel continues the Jinguchuanqi.When Confucius travel around the wheels rolling from east to west, from north to south, all the way to the bell rocky road.Eagle City outset, under which one after another, travel between today Ye County, Lushan, Jia Xiang county and county.History is a mirror, through the clouds of history, one can see vaguely Confucius travel through the true face of Hawks Town.    ”Records to Lu Song,” recorded with Lu Confucius.Lu Dazhi.Qi owned by female music.Ji Huanzai due,.Three days without hearings.Suburb.But without cooked meat used in sacrifice for adults.Confucius carry out.Song said.”He is woman’s mouth.You can leave.Bifuzhiye.You can defeat dead.He leisurely.Dimension to the old soldier.”Confucius left Lu reasons, globe-trotting.3 years ago I read Qian’s “Confucius Biography”, which separated it comes Confucius and his disciples, he went to one person alone Zheng, Zheng Han Old City in East Gate, it was said to be panic as people lost dog.Before coming to Eagle City, Confucius trapped between Chen Cai, has been surrounded by Wu Bing, seven days did not eat rice, this dish Shangcai County Town of surviving adversity Taiwan.In mutual Township and was making things difficult for the villagers, Confucius said a word, “local people hard each other and the words”.This time, go from here?Confucius more than a thought, to see the other side of the country does not hold himself, he turned to the direction of their development Chu.According to the “nations” carries, 494 BC, Confucius mentoring trapped in Chencai wilderness, seeking to break Gong Chu, Chu king sent his army to rescue off hard, then resolved to go to Chu.And Ye Chu as the northern frontier, by the Confucius Huaiyang come today, from east to west, Ye are necessary land.Meanwhile, Lushan is Sirul, when early in Donglu, and therefore to seek a breakthrough in the south of Chu, Confucius will inevitably have to seek some Scriptures to Sirul.    Historical records, Confucius and his disciples travel around the world when, due to Chu Mu governors, food in the political winds Ye Yi Chu Liang Shen, it is by way of through their leaves throughout.Confucius twice after Ye, once went by the way in defending the State of Chen, spent today Deng Li River in rural area; one is on the way to Chu Patriotic via today’s old county, Grange, Chengguan, Zunhua shops and other places, all the way north.Although not a long time, but it left a lot of monuments and legends, but also because of a number of villages named after Confucius.”Analects,” a book of this many have written.Presumably, Confucius should have been to Ye County is 494 BC tour Chu.    ”Han Feizi”: Ben on car-free ZENY.Under no Bo capsize.Confucius said first row for the first time to enter the territory of the Ye story.High-tech Zone Zhen Pingdingshan City Zunhua former party secretary Li Guoqiang personally told me that Confucius mentoring out of the predicament Chen Cai, Yan along City Avenue, towards the direction from Ye County.They crossed from Wuyang River North Dance, started going to the first leaf of a village that is his home village of Deng Li Township dump trucks.It is said that when the world is heavy rain, the car sat Confucius mentoring car plunged into a deep rut pressure Wong Nai, not move, letters were dipped.Later, with the help of local villagers, the car was only pull out.I think called after mid-1994, our off-road vehicle into a quagmire Miles grasslands of Inner Mongolia, although we launched an active self-help, but the car is bogged down.Later, also courtesy of the local herders use Dongfanghong tractor got the car pulled out.But later determined, to commemorate the historical facts, easy place to build the village, named drowning car, also known as dump trucks.    The next day, the storm, the mud village southeast of Confucius line, line of less than 500 meters away, to see the front of a large mound, about two meters high, a radius of 60 square meters platform, compared with four weeks fields , slightly higher terrain.Confucius and his party simply to eleven last night, wet books spread out to dry on the mound, the mound is named after drying desks.Before, in Cai Zhou, Confucius also has a drying desks, which is located north of Shangcai Township 30 Whalley Hua Pei Chen Tsai Pu Cun southwest, was originally a dry river on a plateau.It is amazing that this station as a tomb Ye County Xindian village water.Water with a long length, with the elimination of water consumption.Confucius also travel around the world, but also the way the rain, the book was wet, after sunny day, the sun was in the book here.After the man respected Confucius, in the construction of cornices octagonal prism of the sun bookstall.Sun bookstall in the southwest corner there is a temple, formerly known as cloud toward the Temple, the Confucius Temple in Taiwan drying books read book.Early Han Temple hall built thereon station (on), the inner plastic sandun icons thereon, surrounded by pines and cypresses surrounded, smoke curl, Purple filled, magnificent, spectacular dignity.After Tang, Ming rebuilt, Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi Gengwu years, Wang Ting-Yi Ling set heavily in the repair, construction of a stone arch that read “Confucius drying desks”.    When Confucius books eleven dry, they began to walk a line, but do not say after rain head, clothes second after the sun sweating, all of them feel so uncomfortable.So they let in the wind while walking unlock clothes.Wind and recklessly, when the hair has been dried, Confucius began to comb hair disheveled.The comb does not matter, the locals put Confucius combing the hair of a place called “makeup head”.In order to evade, also known as “pile head”.As the story takes place, and their descendants built a Confucius temple on the riverbank makeup Village north, the south temple planted a ginkgo tree in age around 1500, and so far we can see.    The next morning, left the trailer coupling Confucius mentoring village, dusty drives on, go about 8 miles away, the car stopped.Original middle of the road a group of urchins do Tucheng base game, they refusing to give way.Pick the first item is called a sack of children, asked Confucius, is the city to make way for the car, or the car it should be and the Ring?Confucius heard of it justified, Chan said: “Houshengkewei, how can we know to those who do not now have.”And respect for the teacher, Joseph helped get off, and the Round.”Three Character Classic” goes: “Xi Zhong Ni, teacher items sack,” that this story.Since then, the village changed its name to embrace car Lee, also known as Luang field Lee.Young and old, regardless of Confucius this generosity, the spirit of the Optional division, getting into people’s traditional virtues of Ye County.”Li Lan car” is because Confucius was riding in the car road course was built in a sack called the entry of children Shicheng hindered named.Chinese Ancient Reading “Three Character Classic” has been mentioned in this story: “Xi Zhong Ni, teacher items sack; the ancient sages, yet Diligence”.After the sack holy Buddha term public.    In addition, there is a version on items sack.Confucius said Chang Wen Chu State (now Shandong Juxian) southeast of the seaside city of Ji barrier around the people are honest and erudite.Confucius and his disciples day horse ride shuttles to the number of profiles today monument to the environment, just as the disciples vertical Xing laughing, rode eastbound see some played out on the playing front boulevard boy hiding in roadside, only a play children stand in the way fixed.This child is the key sack.Zi seeing, parking scold, but still not moving items sack.Confucius in the car leaned forward and asked: “Ignorance urchin car stop in the road, the intention is why?”Item Tuo see the old man insulted, heart unhappy, resolved to mock at these people, said:” In this city, the car can Maan past.”Confucius said:” In the city where?”” Built in a single step.”Confucius see this child neither haughty nor humble, extraordinary temperament, they stoop to get off to watch, to see if the children stand stone put into the ‘city’, the Confucius smiled and said:” He used this city?”” Royal car Ma Junbing.”” Infantile joke, traveling ever after, but also how to be?”” Chenggu door is closed, how can almost over?”Confucius looked up and down the child, thought to myself: This is where discipline impaired people really intelligent, even the children are so clever, but some Shicai arrogant, until I scrutinize.So Confucius asked: “but how?”” City hide traveling, traveling hide city?”Confucius speechless, with around ‘city’ and over.    Confucius and his disciples unhappy unhappy.See a roadside farmer hoeing, Zi will play deliberately asked: “What do farmers?”The farmer replied:” hoeing.”” You look busy, I do not know hands of the matter several times daily lift?”See farmer could not answer, mentoring he tried to chuckle, replied items sack came from behind:” My Father mid-hoeing, knowing hands of the matter several times daily carry, Mr. row will ride the horse, presumably know horseshoe day lift several times?”Zi stunned.Confucius see children clever wit, the nations rare, non-none other than the child prodigy, get off scrutinize.”Your children are intelligent concept, now you and I each out of a problem, deal with each other, the winner as a teacher, how?”Item Tuo said:” I can not play.”” Fair trade.”Confucius went on to say:” Life to the world, are asked light of the moon and stars, the raw grain, square raised many lives, and asked the children, how many days the stars, how many grains ground?”Item Tuo replied:” Heaven prohibitive measure, can not be wide scale, the stars day and night, year grain crop.”A little meal, items sack and asked:” Man’s body is smaller than, the head of the eyebrow lower than the day, the two eyebrows born head, visible every day, everyone knows, Master shows two eyebrow how many roots?”Confucius no right, according to the gentleman had just about, was about to ask how to coach, sack items have jumped into the pond next to Confucius somehow, items sack surfaced:” The only salute the shower, bath Master also came.”Confucius said:” I did not study tours, fear not floating Shen.”Here and clear statement about Confucius led mentoring bath contrary to the historical record, but the folk version, will not get to the bottom.Item Tuo said: “Otherwise, the ducks did not study tours, but no sink float.”” There are so out of water without hair Shen.”” Gourd-free water from the hair, but also floating rather than sink.”” Gourd circle and empty inside, it does not sink.”” Inner clock round and empty, where they sink rather than float.”Confucius red face loss for words.    Complete bath items sack Confucius established case salute, thanks to a teacher items sack, Road back to Qufu, no longer East tour.Later there will be a “three-pronged items sack Confucius”, “about a gentleman, fair trade” and other words are out of this.    Confucius had Ye Lan Li southbound car, the cheaper village.The territory of the village of Lim “about weapons station,” one of the eight wonders of the ancient Ye County, to the ground raised a landscape of Gushan, Han Ma Rong had this talk about “Book”, to change the original name for the book table Qinglongshan.Tang Hin Hing two years (AD 657 years), Emperor Wu-kai Here Giang Vo, Xu Feng Daohong Reign petitioned changed about weapons station, about a jade Buddha extant in Ye County Museum Takeuchi Taiwan.Lian town are the Neolithic period to the Tang Dynasty, the New Stone Age to the Shang and Zhou dynasties laminated cultural sites.After Confucius wind, it did not leave much of relics.    Confucius had Sendai, smooth all the way, did not encounter any trouble.Said its Sendai, formerly called grave stage, because the second magistrate Ye Wang Qiao tombs here.As a demigod of the body, historically named “Wang Qiaofei mallard” where “Han” records: Wang Qiao God surgery, the first and fifteenth month, he went from Ye North Korea will participate in the capital of Luoyang, never ride horse.And compared to the time of Confucius, Wang Qiao with far apart.    It comes Confucius second over leaf background not open around Bo cited the war.BC 506 years (Zhou Jing Wang fourteen years), led by the king lu 30,000 troops deep Wu Chu, defeated Chu held in Berlin (now Macheng City, Hubei Province territory, one that Hubei Hanchuan North) 200,000 main force, then occupied Chu remote offensive warfare.During the war, Wu flexible, because the enemy military forces to raid roundabout, back exhausted enemy, look for an opportunity battle, chase tactics and far-reaching victory.    After the demise of the state of Chu Chu king in the Battle of Bo on the move, going through hardships Zionist.As positive as a monarch, he took the initiative to invite Confucius Chu, reflects his respect for Sage.Unfortunately, Confucius to Chu king was not allowed to call.So, Confucius lamb, homeopathy towards Ye Yi (now Ye) embarked on, he has to pay a formal visit Lord Ye.    On this day, after Confucius, Chu Lu Yang (now Lushan county) boundaries.Shanda risk, high slope Yuanshen.In the top of the mountain ox-cart travel, such as the elderly appear to be pouring sweat, called on Chuanji gas, powerless.Eleven disciples will get off, the child pushed the car forward until the junction off, just rest stop.As the junction off the West Gate of the Great Wall of Chu, a cross between the two countries, west Qinguo Song County, East Point, Lu Chu Yang to.Just above the gatehouse inlaid with two bluestone door sales, two feet high, three feet long, west-facing engraved with “off the border,” the words, east bearing in mind the words “Lushan off”, naturally extraordinary.After entering the Great Wall, Confucius mentoring a pedestrian, he sat on a stone bench rest door.Then, pointing to the red walls of the temple Zi Master ask: “What is this place?”Confucius guessed:” could there Yaomiao?”Slaughter I asked:” Why have Yaomiao big name change of position?”Confucius sit down speech, he said:” Xia Jia of Xia emperor, the grandson of Liu Yao tired, but because of fear of offending Jia of Xia Yang Dragon Emperor, he moved to Lu County, Yao temple built to worship the first.”They mentoring eastbound road, is the song back down the road, then look back Great Wall of Chu, a hundred times more majestic.Confucius sighed and said: “Chu also not to be bullied!”One day, the car is too small Vella, suddenly a group of children Dulu.Listen to Deputy Minister of Lushan County Organization Department of the original toward the sea just say: “Let Confucius stopped the car, from the car stuck his head out and asked:” what is going on in children Dulu?”There is a bigger a child, HUO Di stood up and said:” base town to play.”Confucius closer look, and sure enough children built up a city square with a stone on the road.Confucius said, pointing to the city side to his disciples: “Great Wall of Chu is a party, even the children Chu will build the city side, which shows the very popular National Defense Education Chu.”Disciples could not nod.Confucius that the children: “I want the car of their city, or Down?”Pediatric replied:” detour.”Confucius looked around the sides of paddy fields can not, he pleaded:” But let the car through the city had almost?”That big child and asked:” What is your name?”The boy reluctantly said:” The name ink, Ming-jie, Zezhao?”Confucius smiled and said:” Your name sounds good, but why not call the city to make way for Pa.”Mo Jie said:” We base city defense, do not let you just had to have been, the city broke, lost city.”Confucius answered:” You lose, you lose.”Driving through the city waste.Group of children had stopped the bullock cart to prevent.Zi, who had hurried by urban children lose a barrier.This opened the way children Teng.Looking back Confucius laughed and said: “City children also.”So later taken to the city called the children, now homophonic evolved into a small city of Seoul (in the territory of Lushan County Zhao Village).    It turned out that the ink Jie, Yu teacher is the offspring such as ink, is scholarly.Do not want to, morals vicissitudes of life, such as ink from the ink with the great-grandchildren later, they become civilians, that Jie ink is not here, he lived in Western Hills near Chuk Yuen, it is to place a string of pro.Often led a group of small children playing in the road base city.    Ye Yi Lu Yang left the Confucius secondary over-leaf, and attracted an audience with Lord Ye.Compliment Lord Ye, hospitality, where frank political discussions.Lord Ye asked the government to Confucius.Confucius said: “In politics attached near to far; near Wyatt far will come.”Lord Ye identity.Bifurcation occurs when talking about straightforward view of Confucianism, law.Lord Ye asked Confucius personality to Zi.Zi inconvenience to answer, consult Master.Confucius said: “Yu Xi does not say that man also, energies forget the food, blissful, I wonder if old age is coming on.”This leaves the door Yi left politics ruins, as well as ancient Temple Ye anger Leting.Confucius After the leaves for a short break, then went off leaves Chu.Chu king trying bookstore seven hundred sealing, discouraged Yoshitada sub west, it may not be reused.Is the autumn, the king’s death, Confucius mentoring return from Chu Wei.    Confucius to Ye County, the reason why a bunch of hermit has encountered, such as Chu Yu mad then, long Ju, Jie drowning, the Netherlands and other bamboo basket wife’s father, an important reason is that once Chu Guoqiang large, conquest Dongyi each group, in order to custody of them concentrated in the Ye County.So, here brought together a lot of talent.Like him, they are dissatisfied with the reality of the world is no way to protest, they prefer anonymity, seclusion mountains.As a hermit, they ridiculed Confucius, Confucius is sarcasm “know not to do this.”.But Confucius hermit was full of respect: to be on the moral, they are the spotless, pure, like the ancient promise made of Ruzhou, etc..    Line to today’s Tian Ye Township territory of a village, Zi and Confucius and his party got separated.Zi see a charge sash wife’s father (farmer) is field work, came to him to ask for directions.Dutch sash wife’s father as a great injustice to Confucius, gave him this evaluation: “four sedentary, The journey, who for Master”.But the elderly to Zi Lu was very polite, he stayed at home Zi accommodation, and chickens, a small rice for him.Zi name of the village, hence the name “left by the office”, after circulating around town as “Mrs flooded shop”, its present name in particular flooded.    Ye County Chengguan Township village is asked Confucius and his party had Shahe (Zhi water), Zi Feng division command cares about the place, there are now interested embankment on the north of the village of Shahe, asked the ferry crossing and other sites.And what you see when Zi Lu and Jie Ju ask long after the drowning buried at the edge of the River.The tomb still, the tomb stands a stone, a letter, “Zhou Jie Ju long hermit drowning Tomb” and so forth.Asked the village is surrounded by water, folk called and asked island.The island has an old trees, and a small temple.    Too River (Zhi water) is Huang Baishan, people in Temple.Confucius and his party interactive disc 6,7 days and the book is too wet and dry Shahe, Confucius equal in Ye County left a second drying desks.    Today, Ye Temple anger left Leting.During his columns from Italy in the Confucius travel to Ye Yi (ancient Ye County), the Lord Ye (original surname Shen, Zhu Liang Chuguo aristocratic name) at his own comment.Lord Ye Zi asked: “You are one of the earliest disciples of the Master, say it has done well aware, may I ask, is he in the end what kind of person do?”Zi Lu did not answer.Confucius heard of the matter, complain Zi: “Oh, why do not you tell him that my personality is: School Road, tireless, instruct people not tire, energies forget the food, music sorrows, I wonder if old age is coming.What does it?I was such a person.”Confucius remark, has also been impressed by the Japanese contemporary literature we Yasushi Inoue, his” Confucius “, a book reading ‘anger music’ word that should be on departure from anger to live by anger, people quiet music should be ordered warm, cheerful, comfortable all.Leting anger was founded in the Ming Dynasty, sharp save eaves octagonal structure, each vertical ridge has a fairy was sitting, holding his right hand, vivid.Eight small octagonal eave column, to prevent rain erosion, the use of bluestone quality, kiosks and four wooden Kim Joo.The whole pavilion like a half-opened umbrella shape, unique technology, very rare.The north side of Yan Zhu Qing Dynasty calligrapher Yu Wan a handwritten couplets: “Caiqin mining algae toast fortunate to travel when and where thinking here; forgot to eat lotus all students learn humbly aspire to be a saint man.”Jia County is one of the descendants of Confucius settlements, moved Jia County Confucius descendants of the Tang Dynasty, known as ‘Jia County school’.”Jia County School” is one of the ten tribes of Shandong Qufu.Five Dynasties Later Zhou Dynasty, when he bore the surname tribe in support of the magistrate Kuo and “ningling tribe”, “Lushan tribe” Jia moved the clan alliances, co-founder of Hung Temple, the first year after Chai Hin Tak (AD 954 years) completed.Northern Song Dynasty destroyed in the war.Jintai and six years (AD 1206), when he rebuilt Temple on the official site of the magistrate Zhang line, granted to advocate respect for people Kongxue Ru.Ming and Qing dynasties overhaul ten times, after the founding of several repairs.Jia County Temple is a set of colors quite oriental architecture of ancient buildings, in terms of size, organizational, preserved degree, in addition to the Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong, Nanjing Confucius Temple, the Temple of Literature than other parts of the country, with a high cultural value cultural and artistic value.Its unique place, is: First, it creates the old, large-scale, imposing, well preserved, wood, stone carving art and painting art in the country the best in the county Confucian Temple.Second, it’s building regulations, Shandong Confucius Temple in Qufu, Confucian two buildings through a comprehensive and trade-offs after the completion of another color of oriental architecture of ancient buildings.Third, it is closely related to the orthodox descendants of Confucius, both Confucius Temple, Confucian Temple is official, the commentary has been highly praised national heritage experts, experts in ancient architecture and the community and concern.    People have “gold Xiang County, silver Jia County,” said County Confucius and Xiang also have bond.According to the “Xiangcheng County gazetteer” records, Xiang Iron County Gou Xiang Liu Heights village originally called “rest leave” village, to commemorate Confucius travel around the world, was here to stay, and the rest of the night and named the village so far also the preservation of “Confucius from the Song Chu had at” the stone.Confucius and his party came to North Ruhe (Ru name was water) shore, facing the picturesque scenery in front of Confucius and his party can not help but intoxicated.Confucius told his disciples: “As Cousins are disappearing!Around the clock.”Since then, Confucius’ lost time!Day and night, “sighs, become cherish every moment of wisdom.    In Xiangcheng, Xiangcheng Jun Confucius and hit it off, pour mutual admiration.Accompanied Xiangcheng Jun, paid respects to Confucius and his disciples are attracted to the first hill.Yellow Emperor copper mining sites visited, the Yellow Emperor Quan, visited Bo, and t-starved land slopes Qi Caiwei.Zi Gong asked Confucius: “Teacher, we have a better understanding of the Yellow Emperor, can Boyi, Shu Qi did not understand how, I ask, what kind of people they do?”Confucius praise:” ancient sage!”Row village north of Xuchang County, Xiangcheng remote village northeast.According to the “Xiangcheng County gazetteer” contains: Beggar this former village shop, surname beginning of home, temporary road shop named.After Confucius travel around the world so far, to promote education, people change the name of the village as a memorial row.    Accompanied Xiangcheng Jun, Confucius and their disciples traveled Yao Wang Cheng.In the legend of the unicorn, phoenix haunt, Confucius said with emotion: “a society, if born enlightened ruler, wide Shiren Zheng, bring benefit to the people, not only the people praise him, even the Swiss are also out show great social peace, the monarch!Emperor Yao is so noble and wise monarch ah!”.Emperor Yao to travel home to see Emperor Yao was living in the house is very simple, the house of beams and pillars are planing did not even planed wood, utensils using some mud bowl bowl of soil and the like, is also not special where the heart is very excited.Confucius can not help but praise: “Great is Diana King and Yao Wang also!Lofty and imposing, only for the big day, only Yao-chih!Sway peace, saying incompetent people!”.    Before “defamation Wood” sites, Confucius very touching to his disciples, said: “The wood is defamatory comments on wooden pillars, the people have opinions can be engraved on it, the monarch must see for yourself and for processing.Look for a long time and because of that a lot of vague text above, is engraved on people’s opinions!”.Yao Wang to visit the south gate, boarded the tower, the whole magnanimous as a whetstone of vertical and horizontal canals Ru Ying plains, fields, people toiled connected green shade cottages, cocks.Confucius enjoy the sight of beautiful rural scenery, pointing to the front of a village, said: “It is said, ‘sunrise Riruerxi; dig wells for water, farming and food’ story took place here.This is indicative of Emperor Yao when peace and harmony, happiness people happy, wise monarch of the people in the know and in a great ah!”And I recently read the Qing Shen De – qian” poetry source “a book first song” cried hit song “World of Emperor Yao, Wo world, no matter the people, the elderly and the song Kik.This content is.    Confucius’s life, travel around the world, walking Eagle City, leaving behind a string of footprints.Today we strung, dreams of spring and autumn, to listen to hadith, rewarding.    Kik and singing.This content is.    Confucius’s life, travel around the world, walking Eagle City, leaving behind a string of footprints.Today we strung, dreams of spring and autumn, to listen to hadith, rewarding.