Home Depot confirmed the capture of its computer hackers stealing 2000 store information

BEIJING, Sept. 9, according to the American Chinese news report, local time on September 8, Home Depot confirmed the capture of its payment system hackers to steal the company's credit and debit card information the United States and Canada in more than 2,000 stores, It could affect millions of consumers。  The hacker attack may be the largest one in history。Home Depot did not say how many credit card information is affected, but the United States largest residential renovation chains, said a survey of hacker activity may catch up in April。  Internet security firm reported on September 2 Home Depot may have been hacked after nearly a week, the company finally confirmed the news that。  Home Depot Chairman and CEO Blake apologize for hackers to customers caused frustration and anxiety。Home Depot is the largest retailer to be a hacker capture。Hackers had previously scored goals, luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, supermarkets SUPERVALU, and P chain restaurants.F. Sally's computer。  In December last year, hackers announced the capture of the target company's Web site, resulting in 40 million credit or debit card information was stolen。