German legend Qi fire: Ozil like a dead frog that replaced him with Royce

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">According to T- Online.Germany and SPORT1 reports, the German legend Effenberg and Mario Basler both criticized the performance of Ozil。Germany 0-1 loss to Mexico in the game, Ozil starting play for 90 minutes, and this game is the first time in the race after losing German tanks European Cup semi-final。Matthaeus has previously criticized Ozil, said he does not love this shirt, but now Effenberg and Mario Basler also joined the ranks of critics。Basler told SPORT1: "Now some starters should sit on the bench, Ozil body language looks like a dead frog, which is very sad。Over the years he has only a short biography, as a midfielder, he should win scraping。"And Effenberg said Loew should Royce instead of Ozil, he said:" Loew should Ozil on the bench, come in Royce。I do not understand why no-Royce starting debut in the match against Mexico。"" Royce said he would wait until after the game was an important game to play, if it is true, that Loew completely miscalculated the situation, the most important game is against the strongest group opponents Mexico ah。"In addition, Effenberg also called for Loew let Gundogan Cross into the starting lineup to help, he said:" Mexico-man tactics to use Cross has frozen, he can not kick past his own rhythm。"" Khedira could replace the role of Cross, accelerate the pace of the game, but he did not do。Therefore, the most logical approach is abandoned Khedira in the game against Sweden because Sweden to Mexico the same time would like to play。"" Gundogan should replace Hedi play, the team needs to make the threat passes the midfield area, but in the game against Mexico, which is totally scarce and Gundogan is able to make such a passer。"