Five hundred times Looking back, you can Xiangxi?

Say five hundred times Looking back, in exchange for life pass by, and you rub in and out of date, you can have my Xiangxi Review?    A long time ago, it has been finished in tears in"Since the starting of band, My Sunshine"When after a long time, and then turned up page by page, or shed tears。I do not know, he was touched by the details in the story, or in moving himself once he had the same fragment。Just slightly trance, as if they walked back to the Rushmore。Most say the young are crazy, maybe。Now look back at the young man himself, it seems to be clear astringent with a trace of arrogance。At that age, I used my words to conquer him standing at some distance, but he does not have to understand, I text all the main characters are his。In fact, many years later, I realized that he was standing at some distance, looking at me。I took him written into the text, and then a read of word for word, just imagine, he is very close to me, in my opposite, even closer, I put my hand on the accessible side can embrace。In this way, we love a person feels good。    It is said that both the edge they Xiangxi, Xiangxi I would like to share the good, however, has failed to grasp that Looking back, perhaps, this is the legendary destined met no copies spend it, initially, we live in each other eyes, although some distance away, the last of the last, one no longer wait for you to completely pull the initial distance。After that, I east, west him, did not look back。Now, I can remember, and when he went shopping together, he said two sentences"I never walk on your left to protect you"Silly girl, my bare feet, my shoes you wear"。I think this is what I cherish of the youth I can only cherish, can not have a youth。Because, we are proud to think that the other party will disperse back。    Youth away, far away, there is no after。Since it did not look back at a young age, that it is better not to see each other again, leaving only the shadow of the young will be good。    Just wish him well in his heart, and around her these days?