Drink tea What are the benefits and disadvantages of the six major benefit is worth noting

Summer, people cold drinks can be said to be a soft spot for a drink is not only cool, but also be able to open the appetite Oh。
Black tea is a better kind of drink black tea in China we also have a lot of years of history, then what good is it, and what it taboo to drink black tea?The benefits of drinking black tea has anti-cancer effects of tea on cancer argument is very popular, researchers around the world have done a lot of this exploration, but is generally believed that anti-cancer effects of tea mainly in terms of green tea, new progress。The study found that black tea with green tea, same as there is a strong anti-cancer effects。
Vasodilation American medical community about the study and black tea。The study found that heart disease patients to drink four cups of black tea a day can increase vasodilation of 10% from 6%。After ordinary stimulation, it will increase the degree of relaxation of 13%。Refreshing eliminate fatigue through medical experiments found that black tea caffeine by stimulating the cerebral cortex to the excited nerve center, contributed refreshing, thinking focus, and thus make thinking response even more sensitive, enhance memory; it also has heart and vascular system stimulant, strengthen the heartbeat, thus speeding up the blood circulation to facilitate metabolism, but also promote sweating and urination, thus two-pronged approach to accelerate the excretion of lactic acid (the muscles feel tired substances) and other in vivo old waste material, to the effect of fatigue。
Fluid heat summer thirst quenching drink tea refreshing, because tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectin chemical reaction with saliva, and stimulate the secretion of saliva, leading to the mouth feel moist and produces a cool feeling; caffeine while under control of the hypothalamus body Wenzhong Shu, regulating body temperature, it also stimulates the kidney to promote excretion of heat and dirt, maintain physiological homeostasis。