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What is the difference often heard people mention the mermaid line and vest line, seems a symbol of good body。 So, there is a difference between the two went together to see it the following line Mermaid difference line vest it with the small series。 Mermaid difference line 1 line vest, vest lines are the lines on both sides of the navel, looks like a vest, is the highest level of the flat stomach。
2, mermaid line is outside of the correct internal oblique, generally refers to both male abdominal muscles near the top of the pelvis, formed after exercise two V-shaped lines look like a lower shrinkage fish shape, called the mermaid line。 While men generally refers to the amount of Mermaid line, but in recent years many healthy women are drying out their own mermaid line, not the male-specific health phenomenon。
What sports do girls can practice a mermaid line 1, sitting legs practitioners do bench, grasp the exercise bench on both sides of the fixed body, and then vacated legs straight, feet knees course of action toward your chest, then slowly restored to the starting position。
2, supine knee legs practitioners sit in a yoga mat, his hands palm down at your sides, feet knees off the mat, and then concentrate on the abdominal muscles, lift your legs to the hips off the floor to the abdomen, then slowly restored to the starting position。 Mermaid difference line jacket line 3, supine oblique leg raise crunches practitioners sit lower abdominal oblique plate, grasp the abdominal board fixed to the body, feet and knees slightly lifted up away from the buttocks to the legs abs plate, and then gradually restored to the starting position。 4, the kick lying supine exercise bench practitioners, legs straight together, holding knees slightly bent and straight legs swing upwardly。