What to eat good food on hyperlipidemia?These five foods are high cholesterol "nemesis"!

High blood lipids and hyperlipidemia, although both can not be directly equivalent, but many clinicians said that long-term high cholesterol is likely to induce hyperlipidemia。 So, high blood lipids should be how to effectively control the fact, as long as the attention to the daily food arrangements, we can effectively reduce blood lipids。
Today would like to share those good foods for lowering blood lipids。 Process Oats Oats contain a lot of dietary fiber, the intake can promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate the discharge of toxins: hyperlipidemia should eat five categories of food lipid-lowering food 1。
Validated by the system, which in lowering blood lipids, the effect of reducing coronary rigidification is obvious。
About cooking oats, I suggest that you can use it with rice cooked together, when boiled must pay attention to more water, so as to be cooked fully cooked oatmeal, after eating the body's absorption rate will be higher to more achieve good lipid-lowering effect。
2 lipid-lowering foods: soy products like tofu, soy milk, these are sources of high quality protein, eat more soy products not only can effectively complement the body daily energy needs, and lipid-lowering effect in terms is relatively significant。
There was one such test, the same two sets of people the basic conditions are the same group of people every day at noon to eat a bowl of soy, the other group did not eat the results after two months, that group of people eat their bad cholesterol reduce the concentration of a full 1/5。
3 lipid-lowering foods: garlic garlic is rich in allicin, its role is to alleviate platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis。 In short, it results in lowering blood pressure, prevention of hypertension is very good。 In the medical profession, a lot of people will be garlic known as vascular scavenger, we suggest that you can come every day after dinner garlic cloves, on blood lipids。