Minsheng Bank credit card holders questioned modification services rights have been violated | Minsheng Bank

  Complaints mechanism: Credit Card Center Complaints: unilaterally cancel the credit card car car wash offer, the cardholder violated rights of complaints entrance: [] Recently, Sina financial exposure station received a complaint from Mr. Wang in Beijing for Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center。 Wang complained that he was held by Minsheng Bank truck platinum credit cards, do card agreement enjoys refueling service car wash gold and four times per month, since 2018 was unilaterally canceled car wash Minsheng Bank, making it the cardholder interests violated。   Mr. Wang said he Minsheng Bank's long-held trucks platinum credit cards, have been normal annual fee credit card agreement also enjoy the refueling service car wash gold and four times per month。 But since January 2018, its dedicated customer service car wash cash back equity has not credited into account。 Minsheng Bank credit card customer service center Mr. Wang expressed after receiving counseling since 2018, Minsheng Bank had unilaterally cancel service。
  It is reported that Wang held trucks Platinum is used in consumer cash back in the form of one yuan car wash。
Cardholders can redeem one yuan a car wash in the automotive interests of Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center's monthly consumption reaches a certain threshold。 Car wash service center to be designated cooperation in Minsheng Bank。 After the activities were canceled, Minsheng Bank has been notified by the main card SMS, etc., up to now not yet launched other program activities。
  Currently the page Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center shows, Only gold and one yuan refueling airport parking。 The latter was launched CUP Platinum Card and more exclusive services。   Bank credit card services unilaterally adjust whether the violation of it?Senior researchers Dong Zheng credit card market told Sina financial exposure stage, the banks did not cancel the illegal activity。
He said that in order to increase user stickiness, banks tend to be presented to some of the rights and interests of users, but most time-sensitive or cyclical, may also be a direct continuation stop after the expiration of。
Bank as an equity provider is entitled to make adjustments to the activities。
  Financial exposure stage in Minsheng Bank's official website also see the tips: Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center reserves the right to service content, service rules, length of service and service providers to adjust service the final interpretation of all Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center。   Many credit card activity, bear in mind "demand to do card" in order to improve the bank card volume, tend to launch a series of special promotions, in addition to gift cards to send to do, as well as credit card services to send all kinds of concessions, it looks very tempting but depositors must be noted that these promotions are often accompanied by other conditions: 1.Time is limited, as only six months after opening the card or discount within one year; 2.Need to meet certain conditions in order to participate, you need to reach a certain number, and credit card number and so on; 3.There are restrictions on the number of uses, such as daily or only once a month only 3 second-class。   Sina financial exposure stage to remind everyone, the use of credit cards is a long process, because the moment do not blindly apply a small profit。 The card on demand, to avoid multiple credit credit card brings, fraudulent and risk management, credit cards less frequently used timely write-off。