The 14-year-old girl is not a developmental chromosome test is actually a boy?


The 14-year-old girl is not a developmental chromosome test is actually a boy?

In life, the average person has two genders: male or female.

But there is a special group of people, but they are between the two sexes.

The professor said that in fact, sex is far from being as simple as it seems.

The 14-year-old girl was not developed, and the chromosome examination was actually a boy. The girl An An (pseudonym) was looking for a doctor.

Although she is 14 years old, Anan’s breasts have not developed, nor have menstruation, and there is no puberty development.

From the appearance point of view, An An is no different from other girls.

However, her temper is very embarrassing, lively and active, and her words are also arrogant, and she has repeatedly broken records in the sprint competition of the school track and field team.

“This girl, the feeling that gives me is that the muscles are particularly developed, and the back is wider than the girls of the same age.

Said the professor.

After examination, An’an blood pressure was high.

While doing B timeout, I did not find the uterus and ovaries, nor insulin pills or similar tissues.

The results of further inspections surprised everyone.

Anan’s chromosome is 46, XY, and the SRY gene is positive. “And Anan is actually a ‘pure man’.

“A girl who has lived as a “female” for 14 years, how can it be a man?

“This is the so-called ‘sexual differentiation abnormality’, sexual development disorder, we call it DSD for short.

Professors explained that in academic terms, sexual differentiation abnormalities refer to the substitution of chromosomes, gonads, and external genitalia.

Why does Anan have “sexual differentiation abnormalities”?

In fact, early childhood development is at the very beginning of development, about 6-8 weeks, is a cell with dual properties.

Therefore, it is possible to develop both to the boy and to the girl.

“At this critical point in time, enough androgen is needed to stimulate the complications and will develop into men.

If you have the stimulation of androgen, a set of ‘systems’ that become normal men will not develop.

Being a woman is relatively easy to worry about.

Professor pointed out that Anan just created a substance called 17伪 hydroxylase, which stimulated the development of androgen in the early developmental stage, so that Anan 鈥渁lthough it was a boy, it could not be a real boy.

“So, an important question is in front of this 14-year-old “girl”: Is it a choice to be a man or a woman?

Choose to be a woman, you can have a female genital genital; do a man, but because the development of insulin pills in Anan is incomplete and poorly positioned, it may cause cancer and eventually be surgically removed.

“In this case, it involves her social character.

“Professor said that Anan has lived as a girl since she was a child. Family and social recognition of her girl status, and she is more inclined to be a girl. “An An can get married and have sex, but she does not.”The uterus is infertile.

“The professor is slightly sorry.

The truth is finally white, An An began to accept the replacement treatment of the corresponding hormones, promote breast development, and intend to be a real “girl.”

I don’t love Barbie but love cars. The 2-year-old 鈥済irl鈥? hides retina pills like An’an, whose gender is 鈥渦nclear鈥? Professors meet two or thirty cases every year.

“Sexual differentiation abnormalities (DSD) are actually not far from us, but many people do not know the existence of this disease.

“Professor is another example.

Jia Jia is a 2 year old and 8 month girl from Sichuan.

She is extroverted, does not love Barbie, but loves to play with cars.

Because of the “clinical hypertrophy”, the parents took her to the local hospital for treatment. The chromosome result turned out to be 46, XY (male), and there was a pair of arthritis pills in the abdominal cavity.

Is the daughter actually a “male body”?

Jia Jia’s parents were shocked.

After breaking through to the hospital, Jiajia came to the hospital where the professor was located for different diagnostic results.The professor convened a group of experts to conduct repeated discussions. According to Jiajia’s clinical symptoms, signs, endocrine hormone levels and psychological tests, the episode – “androgen insensitivity syndrome” was finally established.

“All ages are still so small. It is not fair for her to blindly fit her for men and women.
鈥?Therefore, we recommend temporarily retaining the retinal pills and doing them regularly. When Jiajia grows up, he will make more scientific gender choices according to his own intentions.

Professor said that the diagnosis and treatment of sexual differentiation (DSD) is currently very difficult clinically.

First of all, in fact, there are many classifications of human gender, including sex chromosome sex, sex gland sex, internal and external genital sex, sex hormone sex, gender, psychological gender and so on.

It takes a lot of time and energy to figure out and sort out and summarize the individualized diagnosis of each patient, and there may still be ambiguities.

Second, to find the real point of illness, it is inevitable to “fishing a needle in a haystack.”

Although genetic testing technology can help to improve the understanding of disease, but for sexual differentiation abnormalities, there are many unknown points or known results can not match the clinical symptoms, and further research is needed.