After marriage, I suspect that sleep will rub teeth


After marriage, I suspect that sleep will rub teeth

Wu Bing (pseudonym) and his wife Huang Juan (pseudonym) walked into the consulting room one after the other, and they looked like sisters, a mature and easy-going one, and a thin one.

  After understanding, the two have been separated for half a year. The first reason is that the wife’s voice at night is too loud, which affects her husband’s rest.

After more than two years of medical treatment, there is still no effect, so I live in a separate room.

His wife’s symptoms have been more pronounced since separation.

The wife did not dare to sleep at night, because she was afraid of grinding teeth in her sleep and affecting family relationships.

The consequence of not sleeping is increasing fatigue and inability to do the job.

After half a year, Huang Juan was a lot older.

  Hart, a well-known American psychologist, once pointed out that when individuals escape the psychological pressure in the subconscious, bruising occurs in dreams and sleep.

Bruxism is more common in children. From the perspective of psychoanalysis, adult molars are a psychological state manifested by the depression of the human subconscious.

Especially for introverts, when they are bored, worried, skeptical, hateful, angry, pessimistic, and psychologically abused (mainly manifested in marriage as suspicion, fear of hate, dissatisfaction, self-abuse, etc.), they are unwilling to interactPeople talk, so that the resentment in the heart is transferred to the unconscious state of sleep or dreams at night, and vented through the symptoms of bruising.

  According to the further questionnaire survey on the quality of marriage, the main causes of molars include: husbands have more social work, come home late, communicate less with their wives, and sometimes have too close relationships with female co-workers because of work relationships; and the wife’s introvert, Expressing badly, boring something in the heart, and not confirming the suspicion in the heart with the husband, expressing his dissatisfaction, just complaining that he did not do well, feeling that he is unattractive, suspecting that the husband may have a foreign heart, mentally torture himself.

Repeatedly, the problem of molars formed.

  Wu Bing and his wife attended the marriage class of “Exploring the Secrets of Husband and Wife” established by China Marriage Consulting Network.

In this kind of group consultation, they play the role of husband and wife in the marriage psychodrama, share communication skills with other husbands and wives, and listen to the marriage analysis therapist’s explanation of husband harmony and marriage connotation.

After nearly 10 group marriage consultations, Huang Juan’s bruising symptoms disappeared, and the couple also found a suitable communication mode.

  Absolutely, many foreign scholars have found in research that oral diseases are not important factors in adult bruxism, and psychological factors are often the first.

In the past few years of marriage counseling, I found that many cases of bruising in life are related to the unharmonious relationship between husband and wife and poor communication within marriage.

Therefore, when discussing some physical problems of married people, millions cannot ignore the role of psychological factors.