Don’t take shrimp skin as your first calcium supplement


Don’t take shrimp skin as your first calcium supplement

Introduction: Shrimp skin is cheap, affordable, delicious, and high in protein, especially the calcium content per 100 grams of shrimp skin is 991 mg, which is unmatched by other foods.

According to this calculation, as long as adults eat 80 grams of shrimp skin every day, they can basically reach the recommended amount of calcium a day.

Therefore, shrimp skin is often used as a calcium supplement, and even elderly people are recommended to eat shrimp skin.

So is shrimp skin really the most important calcium supplement food?

The problem must be analyzed in detail.

Chinese residents generally lack calcium, and calcium supplementation is a life-long diet plan.

Bone is also a calcium reservoir of the human body. When food intake is insufficient, in order to maintain the stability of blood calcium, the human body can use calcium from the bone to enter the blood, so that life activities can be carried out normally.

So everyone should pay attention to add too much calcium in their daily diet to ensure the needs of the body.

There are many calcium-rich foods, common are milk and its products, soy products, sesame sauce, nuts, green leafy vegetables and so on.

Shrimp skin has a very high calcium content and has the characteristics of good quality and low price, but it cannot be the first choice for calcium supplementation.


First, the skin is usually eaten as a condiment.

We drink 250 ml of milk at a time easily, but 250 grams of shrimp skin is enough for us to eat for a month or two, and only a few grams can be used for each casting.

As a result, the shrimp skin is not digestible, and even if it is eaten, it is impossible to have a good digestion process.

Finally, the skin of the shrimp is high in salt, so it should not be eaten.

Therefore, shrimp skin is not the best food for calcium supplementation.