Expert advice on how to drink tea according to the season



Expert advice on how to drink tea according to the season

Drinking tea depends on the season, the climate varies from season to year, and the type of tea should be adjusted accordingly.

In the spring, it is advisable to drink flower tea. The flower tea can exude a winter stagnation in the body and promote the body’s yang qi; in the summer, it should drink green tea, green tea tastes bitter cold, can heat, cool off, detoxify, enhance gastrointestinal function, promote digestion, prevent diarrhea skinSore infections, etc.; should drink green tea in autumn, green tea is not cold or hot, can completely eliminate the residual heat in the body, sweet and warm, make people refreshed; winter should drink black tea, black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, there areMustnic function.

銆€銆€Drinking tea depends on the morning and evening. Because green tea belongs to non-fermented tea, the content of tea polyphenols is high, and its original properties are maintained, and the irritating properties are relatively strong. Black tea is fully fermented tea. After the 鈥渕aturing鈥?process, the irritant is weak.Great and gentle, suitable for evening participation.

Especially for people with weak spleen and stomach, adding some milk when drinking black tea can exert a certain warm stomach effect.

Emotional excitement, poor sleep and weaker body, it is better to drink less at night.

銆€銆€Tea scales and heavy metal tea sets should be washed frequently. According to research, tea scale contains cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal substances. When drinking tea, they will be brought into the human body, with protein, traces and vitamins in food.Nutritional combination, the formation of insoluble precipitates, hinder the absorption of nutrients; will cause nerves, digestion, urinary hematopoietic system metabolism and dysfunction, especially arsenic, cadmium can cause cancer, or cause distortion.

Therefore, the tea scale on the inner wall of the tea set should be cleaned in time.