Awakening feeling massage eight acupuncture points



Awakening feeling massage eight acupuncture points

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, some acupoints in the human body can be serially helpful through massage, and it is also a method of nourishing. Master these acupuncture points and techniques to make your sex become full of vitality.

銆€銆€The first point of the breast in the Zhongfu acupoint is located at the outer part of the chest of the human body, parallel to the gap of the first rib, 6 inches away from the front centerline.

Zhongfu Point is a large point on the lungs. Regular massage can smooth the meridians of the lungs, have the effect of breast enhancement, and can also strengthen the lymphatic circulation and eliminate chest tightness and shoulder pain.

銆€銆€The position of the arousal excitement of the Tianzhu acupoint: in the depression just below the reorganization, about 2 cm in the middle of the posterior hairline is the point.

Massage here with your thumb.

The hindbrain is suspected to be a sexy belt. If you caress here, women will have an electric shock-like feeling, which can fully achieve the effect of the foreplay.

銆€銆€Yu point awakening sensory position: between the shoulder blade and the vertebrae, there is one on each side.

You can use finger pressure to promote blood circulation, or you can use your fingers to gently stroke this point, which can help women who have undeveloped feelings of sexual love to have an indescribable pleasure.

銆€銆€The position of the balance of the life gate is located at the waist, the posterior midline, and the depression of the second lumbar spine, about the same level as the navel.

Press the door of the life with your thumb to feel the degree of soreness and shake the number 10 times.

Massage life door points have aphrodisiac effect, can improve sexual cold feeling, balance and restore sexual function, but also effectively delay aging and prolong menopause.

銆€銆€Chengfu points increase the position of sexual sensibility: located below the center of the left horizontal line.

Here is the most dense place in the sexy belt, you can use some force when pressing.

The nerves that cause the reproductive organs pass through here. The frequent blockage can strengthen the contractile force of the vagina and increase the sensitivity to sexuality. Therefore, Chinese medicine also uses this acupoint to stimulate the cold feeling.

銆€銆€Shenshu points strong kidney position: under the spine of the second lumbar vertebrae at the waist, side by side.

5 inches, one on each side.

Here is the main acupuncture point of the kidney, often blocked can strengthen the kidney, enhance the function of the kidney, especially for irregular menstruation, sexual cold.

銆€銆€The position of the center of the stagnation enhances the position of sexual desire: the acupuncture points in the rear, the nerves implanted in the reproductive organs are extended here, and gently pressing the acupuncture points with fingers can improve the sexual agitation of women, and is particularly effective in relieving the decline of sexual desire caused by nervousness.

銆€銆€Shangyang Point promotes metabolic location: it is located on the thumb of the index finger, 2 mm behind the nail corner. This acupoint is located on the meridian meridian, often licking here, can exhale the blood of the large intestine, regulate the function of the digestive tract, and speed upThe body’s metabolism has a strong and beneficial effect on the body.