7 daily recipes for treating fungus


7 daily recipes for treating fungus

导读:黑木耳被营养学家誉为‘素中之荤’和‘素中之王’,每100克黑木耳中含铁185毫克,它比绿叶蔬菜中含铁量最高的菠菜高出20倍It is about 7 times higher than pork liver with the highest iron content in animal foods, which is the most iron content in various vegetarian foods.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black fungus is sweet and flat, has cooling blood, hemostatic effect, attending hemoptysis, vomiting blood, bleeding blood, blood stasis, bleeding, hemorrhoids bleeding, blood in constipation, etc., because of its high iron content, it can be timely supplementedEnough iron.

Here are 7 daily prescriptions for treating fungus, for you to choose: 1. Anemia: 30 grams of black fungus, 30 dates, cooked and served, you can also add brown sugar to taste.

2, vascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease: 5 grams of black fungus, soaked in water overnight, steamed for 1 hour, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar (optional), take it before bedtime, eat continuously; or add, dumplings or buns for long-term consumption.

3, hemorrhoids bleeding, constipation: 6 grams of black fungus, 30 grams of persimmon, boiled together, eat at will.

4, more menstruation, more than dripping, red vaginal discharge: black fungus, dry, grind fine, 3-6 grams each time, twice a day, brown sugar water delivery.

5, Metrorrhagia (equivalent to functional uterine bleeding): 60 grams of black fungus, add water to boil, add 60 grams of brown sugar, take 2 times a day.

6, postpartum weakness, cramps and numbness: 30 grams of black fungus, soaked in vinegar, eat 5-6 times, 3 times a day.

Those with too much stomach acid and heartburn should not take it.

7, fundus hemorrhage: 3-6 grams of fungus, 5 grams of rock sugar, add the right amount of water, slow fire / soup, take 1 time before bedtime.

Once a day, 10 days is a course of treatment.