Friendship has not faded, love is late


Friendship has not faded, love is late

In front of the window, a girl as elegant as a green lotus leaned against the window, staring intently at the tree-lined path outside the window, anxiously looking in the crowd of people, and the indifferent edge could hardly conceal the waiting chant.

  A frosty and indifferent boy walked through the boulevard through the stream of people and walked towards the gate of the school.

The rising sun sculpted his handsome silhouette on his body, and lined his cold and calm eyes like frost and snow, cold like snow but warm like jade!

The breeze flicked the alternative with a long neck around him, flipping up his pale blue robe, fluttering like a messenger of the wind, just like the cute young man who came out of the comics.

  The girl in front of the window burst into a water-lily smile, and turned slightly towards the classroom.

  I do n’t know when, waiting by the window has been a bad habit that she can’t quit. Every day she can watch the tree-lined path in front of the window before she can enter the classroom with peace of mind.She would be restless and restless all day.

But does he know all this?

Indifferent to everything, he didn’t even notice the waiting eyes hiding behind the window every morning.

  The boy hurriedly walked into the classroom, ignoring the gaze followed by each other, sitting indifferently in his seat.

  ”Xi, lend me your workbook!

“A girl as elegant as Qinglian came to his seat, hiding the indifference like Qinglian, and put on a sweet and lovely smile.

  The boy glanced indifferently, without any verbal answer or any change in expression, and silently took out the workbook from the schoolbag and handed it to the girl.

  ”Xi, lend me a look at your colorful pens, they are so beautiful!

“Xi, I like the comic cover of this magazine. Can you draw it for me?

“Xi, help me .” “Xi .” The girl kept talking to the boy, and she didn’t understand herself. Why was the cold and indifferent character in front of him unconsciously showing a childlike cutenessAnd dependence, even if he always responded with a temperatureless look, she didn’t care.

Because she knew that this was him!

Simple and true to him!

Except for his own dreams, he is full of everything around him, he doesn’t care!

Just like his fine arts and basketball skills are at the top of the school, but his grades are counted down in the class.

Moreover, she still asked him to borrow his workbook every morning, and asked him to borrow notes after class, and even many times his notes required her to complete it!

  She just couldn’t control herself, she had to rely on him like a child, and dangle in front of him, because she was afraid, she was afraid he forgot her existence!

  Men’s stage, women always stand outside the flowers and applause!

The basketball court must be his stage. He was so valiant on the court and became the focus of the audience. All the screams were born of him, and all the admiring eyes flowed for him.

She sat in the first row of the stands and looked at him with rejoicing and pride, without screaming in madness, without flowing eyes admiring, just watching in silence, smiling silly.

  During the intermission, she greeted all the jealous eyes and ran forward to give him a bottle of Gatorade, a child-like smile all over her, sweet and happy: “Even, tired, drink drool!

“It’s still the temperatureless glance faintly, taking the drink in her hand silently, frowning slightly, cold words:” Rain, how many times have I told you, mineral water is just fine, I don’t like itDrink this thing.

“But, the advertisement says that this is a sports drink. In addition to knowing thirst, you can also add physical strength, which is good for your health!

“She pleased her with a coquettish look. She always imposed on her what she thought was a good thing, and she always accepted the protest against sports drinks and never changed her teaching.

  ”How many times have I told you that advertising is not credible.

“The cold, frosty eyes, the expressionless gaze, stayed on her torso for a long time, and finally ended with an insignificant sigh. He looked up and drank the bottle of beverage he didn’t like to drink.

  Physical education is her most painful course. What she lacked from an early age was motor nerves. Today it is her most terrible 800-meter test.

After one lap, two laps, and three laps, she obviously felt that her breathing was becoming more and more difficult, and her heavy legs were no longer able to lift like lead, and every step taken was so difficult that her throat was secretThe blood was so sweet.

She knew that this was already her limit, and then running down was a consequence she could not predict.

Finally, she compromised to the limit of her physical fitness. The extremely slow running became a difficult walk, and even the pace of walking stopped.

  An unintentional glance, a pair of cold black ink pupils broke into her sight, Xi!

It’s eve!

On the edge of the point, Xi was sitting on the railing and looked at her with his unique indifferent eyes.

Xi was watching, he must have hoped that I would stick to the end!He must want to see me push my limits!

One and a half laps left, only one and a half laps left!

Maybe, just stick to it and you’re done!

In this way, because of Xi’s relationship, the distance of a circle and a half that was once regarded by her as a ghost gate is now so short that it is as short as a moment of teeth clenching.

  The difficult walk was gradual in order to run slowly, and the end point was approached little by little. She seemed to see Xi standing on the finish line and slowly leaning her hand toward her.

Hurry up, hurry up!

Xi, you wait for me, I’m about to run to the finish!

The distance shrinks step by step, and the body is overloaded every second.

Finally, as a result of her first physical challenge, she was plunged into endless darkness.

Before she lost consciousness, she seemed to see Xi running towards her in horror.

  The rain passed out!

She tried so hard for the first time that she fainted!


The mind was blank for a moment, and there was a panic in my heart that I didn’t notice. I had no time to think. I ran towards her at a speed of 100 meters instinctively, and ignored the first-aid measures prepared by the physical education teacher.Consciously, she ran to the hospital.

  After a long examination and diagnosis, the final conclusion is: excessive fatigue combined with physical weakness, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain and fainting.


There was a hint of doubt in his heart.

“Why are you tired?

“A word of concern was clearly spoken from him, but he could not hear a touch of emotion.

  ”Because . I’ve been staying up late to review recently.

“She lowered her head like a child who did something wrong.

How could she tell him that she stayed up late every night to sort out the double review materials, and that the most detailed information was prepared for him!

  The story of Xi Heyu has become a topic of more than students in the school. Some people envy them as being well-made, and some people are jealous of who is not worthy of them.

Faced with overwhelming rumors, she didn’t know how to respond except to wait.

He still responded to all the people and things with his usual indifference, as if nothing had happened, still accepted her care indifferently, still cared about her indifferently, he was not at all confused and paranoid about themDo not hesitate to deny, but never admit it!

  For them, time has lost the meaning of flow, there is no past, no future, and it is always just repeating the present!

In endless repetitions, their high school life came to an end. Due to hobbies and talents, they were admitted to different universities. With an accumulated countless trophies and award certificates, he was forced to leave by a famous art university.But she was only admitted to an ordinary university.

  At the parting class meeting, everyone gave each other messages on the classmate’s record, leaving each other’s contact information. Yu came to Xi, handed in his classmate’s record, his face still had a childlike smile, sweet and looking forward.

Looking at the familiar smile in front of him, his indifferent shell had some instantaneous movements. Perhaps due to the influence of parting emotions, he once felt that the most ordinary smile became gorgeous at this moment, as bright as the sun and tender as a water lily.

Happiness is always a sign of her. Thinking of seeing this happy smile again in the future, and being unconsciously entangled by her intentionally or unintentionally, his indifferent heart burst into a sense of loss that he did not want to admit.

  Pick up the pen and write down lightly: “May those who are happy be happy forever!

“Yeah, may she keep this happiness forever, and may he see this happiness forever!

After a moment of hesitation, write a string of numbers next to the gift.

  ”what is this?

“She stared curiously at the string of numbers that looked like numbers.

  ”my cellphone number.

“The cold tone seemed to be irrelevant.

  ”When did you buy a cell phone?

“” Going to study abroad, my parents bought it for the convenience of contact.

“It’s just that she wasn’t told in her indifferent words, except for her parents, who is the only one who has this number!”  After entering the university, she returned to Qinglian’s indifference. I don’t know if it was her character or her influence. She was even more indifferent to her indifference. She didn’t care about the things around her.

Once the energetic cute child has been sealed by her on the phone-in a world connected only to him!

  At the other end of the phone, she still kept talking to him, and still intentionally or unintentionally made unreasonable demands.

In a world separated by space, she was more afraid, afraid that she would be drowned by the dust of time, and that she would be placed in his forgotten memory by him!

  In a prestigious university, he has endless paintings, endless competitions, endless awards, and endless student union affairs. The splendor of the university campus has enriched him every minute of dullness, no time to returnHer text messages, without extra energy to accompany her to make trouble, and even began to get tired of her approximate caring concern, and gradually came from his text messages and fewer calls.

  I stayed up all night and took notes together with her own cold to guide her to pass out again. After a brief coma, she recovered her consciousness and saw a familiar contour of her jaw. At the same time, her bumps and the frequency of the person’s body fluctuated.In the arms of this person, who is running on his own.

Turning his head, he saw the familiar light blue.

She remembered that when she fainted for the first time in the guidance, the last thing she saw was Xi, wearing a light blue shirt, running towards herself in horror, and now the familiar color and familiar outline, is it Yu?

  ”Even .” Upon hearing her call, the boy lowered his head and smiled softly, Xingyue Ming could not see the slightest indifference.

  After seeing the looks of the person in front of her, she was completely sober. Then where is the eve here? The person in front of her is a popular lover in her department, an idol in the heart of the girl in the school, handsome appearance, sunny temperament, talented connotationBut after all, it wasn’t Xi!

How could she lie in the arms of an unrelated person?

“I’m fine, please let me down!

“Bear strong