[How pheasant stew soup is delicious]_Cooking soup_How to make


[How pheasant stew soup is delicious]_Cooking soup_How to make

In fact, in addition to eating native chickens, many people prefer to eat eyes in their lives. Pheasant meat is very firm and has a good taste and high nutritional value. After boiling it, first pour out the soup in the pot and thenWash the chicken with cold water again, this will make the chicken taste more delicious, the odor inside will also be removed, follow the steps to make the soup, the taste is guaranteed to be delicious.

鸡洗净揉捏泡沸水再换最后泡干净冷水一小时沥水备用生姜块拍过葱洗净(可以不切稍微捆绑)备用足够大的锅一次性加够足量的凉水鸡放进锅里 大火Boil in cold water to remove blood and put ginger and onion cooking wine. Cook over high heat for 20 minutes. Turn to low heat and cover for three to four hours. Then you can cook a pot of delicious chicken soup. Many people like to pour the chicken out of the head.After washing the chicken with cold water, stew the two-pot soup to drink. In fact, the taste of the first pot soup is more sweet and sweet. As long as the blood stains are removed, the soup in the first pot soup has a clearer flavor.As a tonic, but the nutrition of the chicken soup itself is enough to not put so much tonic. The ancients said that “nothing tonic” and physical tonic is a taboo. If you must put some wolfberry, you can put some PS after the soup is good.

The cooking wine can be put on the fire for a little more than 20 minutes and then capped to allow the residual taste of the wine to evaporate2.

It is best to see the condition of the soup in the pot with a transparent lid. Controlling the middle of the fire will lose the sweetness of the soup3.

During the stewing of chicken soup, be sure not to add water halfway, it will break a whole pot of soup, so be sure to add enough water 4 at the beginning.

It is not recommended to put salted chicken during the stewing process to make the chicken more compact. It should not be stewed. It also affects the taste. Moreover, if the soup cannot be consumed at one time, it must be boiled every day.It would be better to put the seasonings in the soup.

If you think the chicken broth is boiling, dip the bread in the pot and then remove the oil Pheasant without too much oil. Don’t worry.