Health chrysanthemum medicated diet


Health chrysanthemum medicated diet

Chrysanthemum, a perennial herbaceous plant, is a precious ornamental flower cultivated through long-term artificial selection, also known as art chrysanthemum, with more than a thousand species.

Chrysanthemum is one of the top ten famous flowers in China. It has been cultivated in China for more than 3,000 years. The casting of Chinese chrysanthemums into Europe began in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty.

The Chinese love chrysanthemums very much, and there has been an annual chrysanthemum event since the Song Dynasty.

In ancient mythology, chrysanthemums have been endowed with auspicious, longevity symbols.

Chinese poets and painters of all ages have used chrysanthemum as a substitute for chanting and painting. Therefore, the literary and artistic works and chrysanthemum experience of chanting chrysanthemums over the ages have left a lot of famous works and spread them for a long time.

  Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum is the “fairy in flowers” in autumn.

China has a long history of edible chrysanthemums. As early as the Warring States period, the patriotic poet Qu Yuan had a chanting of “Drinking Magnolia in the North, and the Fall of the Autumn Chrysanthemum”

Chrysanthemums are not delicious, and they have a variety of health functions.

Here are a few medicinal diet recipes for chrysanthemums.

  Jujube and chrysanthemum porridge take 50g of red dates, 100g of rice and 15g of chrysanthemum.

Add the right amount of water to the pot and cook the porridge. When the porridge is thick, add the right amount of brown sugar to taste the food.

This prescription has the effects of strengthening the spleen and replenishing blood, clearing the liver and clearing eyes; long-term consumption of acne makes the skin rosy, which helps to prevent and cure diseases.

  Chrysanthemum hawthorn tea chrysanthemum 15g, raw hawthorn 20g.

Decoction or boiling water can be exchanged after 10 minutes.

One dose of tea per day.

This tea has the effects of strengthening the spleen, digesting food, clearing heat, and reducing fat.

Suitable for hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia and obesity.

  Chrysanthemum cassia chrysanthemum tea 10g, raw hawthorn tablets 15g, cassia seed 15g.

Shatter cassia seeds, decoction with chrysanthemum and raw hawthorn slices.

Can add white sugar, substitute tea.

It has the functions of evacuation of wind, heat dissipation, liver smoothing, bowel and bowel movements, and antihypertensive effect. It is suitable for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease, and has better effects on yin deficiency and yang, constipation and other symptoms.

  Chrysanthemum radish porridge chrysanthemum 6g, carrot 100g, spring onion 5g, salt, monosodium glutamate, appropriate amount of clear soup, sesame oil 5g.

Wash and slice the carrots, heat over the pan, pour the broth, add chrysanthemum, salt, and cook the carrots.

Sprinkle with spring onion, MSG, drizzle with sesame oil, and serve in the soup pot after serving.

This soup has good eyesight effect.

  Chrysanthemum porridge glutinous rice 100g, cassia seed 15g, fresh chrysanthemum 30g.

Heat the pot, stir-fry the cassia seeds, add 500 ml of water, boil for 30 minutes, remove the residue, add water to cook the porridge with glutinous rice, add chrysanthemums and boil when the porridge is cooked, add oil salt or rock sugar to taste.

With scattered wind heat, clearing the liver fire, lowering blood pressure and other effects.

  Fried chrysanthemum shredded pork with fresh chrysanthemum 50g, lean pork 300g, 1 egg.

First, tear the chrysanthemums into petals and wash them; cut the lean meat into thin shreds, remove the yellow eggs, and mix the ingredients such as water bean powder into juice.

Heat the wok, add 50g of lard, add shredded pork when the oil is 50% hot, stir the good juice and pour it into the pot.Ready to serve.

It has the functions of nourishing liver and blood, pleasing color and clear wind.

  Eggs Chrysanthemum, 1 egg, 5g chrysanthemum, moderate amount of coriander juice, and a small amount of vinegar.

Mix the eggs into a liquid with chrysanthemum, simmered juice, and vinegar, and then steam and simmer in water. Serve once a day.

With hemostasis and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief.

For esophageal cancer with aggravated cough and obvious rejection of vomiting.

  Chrysanthemum pig liver soup wolfberry 15g, fresh chrysanthemum 60g, fresh pork liver 300g, salt, MSG.

Wash and slice the pork liver, add it to the hot oil pan, add chrysanthemum water (1000 g of chrysanthemum in a single bag, add water to the boil for 15 minutes, remove the gauze bag, put in wolfberry and boil, and use it after 15 minutes.Wen Huo, put refined salt when cooked, seasoning with MSG), nourishing liver and kidney, clearing heat and eyesight.  Chrysanthemum hot pot fresh chrysanthemum, sashimi or chicken.

Chrysanthemum hot pot is a famous medicinal diet in Suzhou and Hangzhou area. Fresh chrysanthemum petals are immersed in warm water for rinsing, picked up and filtered in a bamboo basket. The hot pot is filled with chicken soup in raw sauce.In some chrysanthemum seasoning pots, the fish fillet chicken soup with chrysanthemum “three-in-one” fragrance and deliciousness, especially strange, make people appetite.

The main effect is clearing heat, calming the liver and eyesight.

  Qiju Cassia seed tea wolfberry 10g, chrysanthemum 6g, cassia seed 20g.

Add the wolfberry and chrysanthemum into the cup with the lid at the same time, brew with boiling water, cover, and enter after 15 minutes of stuffing.

When drinking tea frequently, you can usually make 3-5 times.

This tea has the functions of clearing liver and purging fire, nourishing yin and eyesight, and lowering blood pressure and lipid.

It is suitable for the sequelae of hyperactivity of liver fire, yang, and numbness of limbs, paralysis, dizziness, light head and feet, hot face, irritability, increased blood pressure, reddish tongue, yellow fur, and pulse strings.