Depressing with crying makes it more painful over time


Depressing with crying makes it more painful over time

Case: Watching a movie, depressing with crying. Due to the pressure of work, the best friends are not around, Xiaowen puts everything in his heart.

By chance, a colleague recommended to her a movie that was said to be touching.

On the weekend, Xiaowen kept herself at home to watch the movie. The lingering feelings of the hero and heroine made her cry.

After crying, she found that she was in a better mood and the stress was relieved.

So Xiaowen introduced this method to colleagues around, and everyone felt comfortable after trying it a few times.

Now, Xiaowen and her colleagues regularly find themselves a “make a tear” movie every week, and then exchange it between several people after watching it.

  In the past, we have heard of the “Star Chaser”; not long ago, we also knew the “Lao Lao”; and recently, among some white-collar workers in Beijing, a group called Xiaowen such as “Weekend Cry” has surfacedwater surface.

In a seemingly masochistic way, they “cry” by empathizing with literary and artistic works to relieve psychological pressure.

It is understood that this decompression method first appeared in Japan. White-collar workers bought tear-moving movie DVDs or books, and it became a fashion to watch and cry at home. This can also be represented by “tears movies” and “crying novels”The sentimental culture is popular in Japan.

  Crying causes narcissism to cry, which has traditionally been precompressed.

But is this regular crying good, and what psychological problems do modern people reflect?

First, crying is a sign of emotional instability and psychological fragility.

It is true that it can temporarily relieve stress, but in the long run, it is difficult to really solve the psychological problem.

It’s like a patient with neurological obsessive-compulsive disorder, always washing his hands repeatedly, but the process of washing his hands can only temporarily relieve his worry.

In fact, this way of venting is unhealthy, and continued to aggravate his pain.

As a means of venting, crying can make people feel empty, boring, depressed, and painful, which is not good for people’s mental health.

  Basically, the number of ways to cry by holding yourself down is mostly due to extra friendships and love.

Most of these people are single and don’t have many friends to talk to.

Therefore, I have to move myself through movies and books, and cry for the care of family, friendship, and love, so as to comfort myself, which is also helpless under pressure.

  In the end, always crying will induce a narcissistic complex, and in the long run, you will feel more lonely.

Crying is a person’s activity, and when people treat themselves as an object to appreciate and play, their subjectivity or initiative will gradually weaken, and their self-function will weaken, thus forming a self-reproaching personality, just like Lin Daiyu.Crying produces depression.

Moreover, those who increase the total number of narcissism complexes caused by wailing feel that they are aggrieved, that society is not fair to themselves, that others do not understand themselves, and therefore they are more distrustful and lonely.

There are many ways to reduce stress by self-closing. Since “crying” is a cure for the symptoms and not the root cause, how can you adjust your mentality and relieve stress?

  From a subjective point of view, they need to go to real life and learn to communicate with people, rather than blindly avoid themselves and close themselves.

At the same time, we must also change the fragile mentality of not trusting others and always afraid of being hurt. When you treat others in good faith, others will treat you kindly.

  In addition, you should strive to enrich your life and get bored on the weekends, so go outside and reduce stress through exercise, fitness, and travel, instead of keeping yourself in the room and watching TV or a love story.Crying poorly.

Even if you are lazy, you need to find some positive literary works, film and television works.

This group of people may always feel that the outside world is dangerous. In fact, a person’s masochism is even more dangerous.