Six physiques that need attention in TCM health care



Six physiques that need attention in TCM health care

The following six constitutional neutral constitutions that require great attention in TCM health: refer to the balance of yin and yang, the qi and blood are vigorous and fluent, the function of the organs is normal and coordinated, and the physical ability is strong against disease.

Neutral physique people are always born with good congenital talents, and they can be formed when they are properly nursed.

This type of human body is not cold or hot, the body is fat and thin, well-balanced, strong and strong, hairy black hair, complexion, normal appetite, good sleep, cold and heat-resistant, full of energy, rosy tongue, thin tongue, pulse andIt is moderate and powerful.

銆€銆€Yin deficiency constitution: physical characteristics such as body heat, dysfunction.

People with yin deficiency are mainly due to lack of congenital qi, lack of proper nursery or long-term illness, and more common in people with thinner body. The main symptoms are: body weight loss, complexion, dull or flushing, sometimesThere will be a feeling of heat, the tongue is easy to dry, like to drink cold drinks when thirsty, the limbs are afraid of heat, easy to get irritated, easy to lose sleep, dry stool, short urine, red tongue and less moss, pulse count.

銆€銆€Yang deficiency constitution: Chinese medicine refers to the physiological characteristics of yang yang partial decline, dysfunction, insufficient transmission, and low cold resistance.

People with yang physique are mainly due to insufficient congenital endowment value or improper day-care, which is more common in those with white body fat. The main symptoms are: pale, dull, not thirsty, warm and cold, and limbs are not warm.Not cold-resistant, the spirit is not lazy, the stool is thin, the urine is long or short, the tongue is tender and tender, the pulse is thin and weak.

銆€銆€Qi and blood deficiency physique: Chinese medicine is mostly due to poor spleen and stomach digestive function or suffocation after a long illness. This type is often pale or sallow, speechless and weak, limbs are fatigued, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, dry eyesThe tongue is less mossy, the lower abdomen is dull and painful, and there is a feeling of empty fall. The female has less color and thinner, and the pulse is weak and weak.

銆€銆€Blood stasis: The main symptom of Chinese medicine is that the blood stasis is not smooth, mostly because of long-term depression of emotional will, or long-term cold areas, and dysfunction of the organs, mainly thinner people, often have hair easy to replace, ethnicDull, dark purple lips, purple or spots on the tongue, dark eyes and other symptoms, the pulse is weak.

Some people of this type, some people have already seen the age spots in the next year, some of them often have some pain in the body, such as: women are prone to dysmenorrhea during the physiological period, male skin is more bruises, etc.The night is heavier (because there is less activity).

銆€銆€Other physical constitutions: cold, cold, fear of the wind, cold hands and feet, like hot drinks, speechless or easy to fatigue, easy diarrhea or soft stool, frequent urine, urine color and so on.