[How to eat fresh betel nut]_Fresh betel nut_How to eat_How to eat


[How to eat fresh betel nut]_Fresh betel nut_How to eat_How to eat

Betel nut is a plant that can be chewed like chewing gum.

There are two types of betel nut: dried betel nut and fresh betel nut. There are many ways to eat fresh betel nut.

The eating method generally determines the taste of betel nut. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount and method of betel nut consumption.

1. When eating fresh betel nut, in addition to betel nut, prepare some withered leaves and mortar. This atrophic leaf is also called Fuliu. It is one of the local specialty plants, and the mortar is prepared with mussel ash or limeMade of a starch.

2. When eating fresh betel nut, first cut the fresh betel nut into thin slices, then spread the preserved leaves, apply some mortar, and finally put the betel nuts on top, and wrap them with the preserved leaves.Then chew slowly in your mouth.

3. After chewing for a while, the foam in the mouth will turn red. At this time, the foam in the mouth should be spit out, and then Nan slowly chews. At this time, there is a unique kind.The aroma appears, and the longer the chewing time, the stronger the aroma. This is also an important reason for local people to chew betel nut. After people chew again, the skin of the skin will appear flushed. This situation is locally called “drunk betel nut.””.

4. Although eating fresh betel nut can refresh the mind, long-term consumption is very great for human oral diseases. Not only can it cause teeth discoloration, but then deformity of the mouth, it is recommended that everyone eat as little as possible.